I’ve been featured on Home Advisor

brenda installing wire Hey everyone, guess what!  A writer for HomeAdvisor.com reached out to me and asked if I could contribute to an article she was writing about DIY Bloggers.  What an honor to contribute!  Thought you’d like to check it out: DIY Bloggers Share What Inspires Them to Create Their Masterpieces — and How They Find the Time! And […] Continue reading →

Ann’s DIY German Smeared Bricks

After German Smear on Pink Brick
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I can’t even tell you how much I love receiving before and after pictures of DIY projects from my readers.  These pictures are really making me want a brick house, because I just love the look of German Smear – Mortar Wash.  Ann generously typed up about how she did it and how it went, […] Continue reading →

How to German Smear your Brick!

after picture of brick german smear I’m so excited to share with you some pictures from @kristinbuckner on instagram who sent me some great pictures of how she “German Smeared” her brick. Here is how she did it:  She took a basic white mortar (she used Versabond white mortar) and mixed to a spreadable consistency.  She spread it on using a […] Continue reading →

Tips for Painting Casement Windows

painting windows We know that taking care of a home means hard work and lots of effort (physical and financial), but we also know it is worth it. The satisfaction of having a beautiful house that offers you and your family a safe and comfy environment is beyond any financial reward. Today we are going to talk […] Continue reading →

5 Enlightening Tips for Hanging Christmas Tree Lights

How to Decorate with Christmas Lights When you’re creating a magical Christmas lights display, how you hang your lights is as important as the lights you choose. This year, make the job easier and your display prettier by planning and testing your lights before you hang them. Plan First We’ve all driven past houses with random, haphazard light displays. Avoid this unattractive […] Continue reading →