Marilyn’s German Smeared Mortar

smeared-mortar-fireplace2 We have a great guest post from Marilyn today!  Thanks so much for sharing your experience and pictures.  Here is how it went for her: So, I too was intrigued by changing the brick color of a brick façade on either side of a gas stove in my lake house. I really didn’t like the […] Continue reading →

I’ve been featured on Home Advisor

brenda installing wire Hey everyone, guess what!  A writer for reached out to me and asked if I could contribute to an article she was writing about DIY Bloggers.  What an honor to contribute!  Thought you’d like to check it out: DIY Bloggers Share What Inspires Them to Create Their Masterpieces — and How They Find the Time! And […] Continue reading →

Ann’s DIY German Smeared Bricks

After German Smear on Pink Brick I can’t even tell you how much I love receiving before and after pictures of DIY projects from my readers.  These pictures are really making me want a brick house, because I just love the look of German Smear – Mortar Wash.  Ann generously typed up about how she did it and how it went, […] Continue reading →

How to German Smear your Brick!

after picture of brick german smear I’m so excited to share with you some pictures from @kristinbuckner on instagram who sent me some great pictures of how she “German Smeared” her brick. Here is how she did it:  She took a basic white mortar (she used Versabond white mortar) and mixed to a spreadable consistency.  She spread it on using a […] Continue reading →

Tips for Painting Casement Windows

painting windows We know that taking care of a home means hard work and lots of effort (physical and financial), but we also know it is worth it. The satisfaction of having a beautiful house that offers you and your family a safe and comfy environment is beyond any financial reward. Today we are going to talk […] Continue reading →