5 Enlightening Tips for Hanging Christmas Tree Lights

When you’re creating a magical Christmas lights display, how you hang your lights is as important as the lights you choose. This year, make the job easier and your display prettier by planning and testing your lights before you hang them.

Plan First

We’ve all driven past houses with random, haphazard light displays. Avoid this unattractive look by planning how you want your lights to look before you start hanging them.

Choose aspects of your home’s architecture that you want to highlight. Consider eaves, the columns on your porch, or your front gate. Think about whether you want to double your strands to create a solid, bright look, or whether you want to hang icicle lights for a whimsical touch.

Size Your Lights Correctly

Get out the tape measure; it’s time to figure out exactly how long you’ll need your strands to be. Measure your bushes for net lights. You don’t want a net of lights too small for the shrubbery. If you have oddly shaped bushes, consider wrapping your tree trunks with custom wrap lights instead. Christmas lighting suppliers can give you the correct lights you need to place onto your shrubbery.

When you’ve measured the surfaces you want to cover with lights, including tree trunks, figure out the distance from your objects to your outlets. To give your design a clean, finished look, use an extension cord instead of letting excess strands of lights hang over to the outlet.

Test Your Strands

Even if you bought all new lights this year, plug them in before you hang them. You’ll save yourself a huge headache this way. If you’re mixing old and new lights, testing them is also the best way to decide whether they match. Not all manufacturers make their lights exactly the same color, and LED lights shine differently than incandescent lights.

Color Scheme Matters

How to Decorate with Christmas Lights

Image via Flickr by Forsaken Fotos

Don’t buy only colors you think are pretty and hang them with no plan. For each element you’re lighting, stick with one type of light, whether those lights are multicolored strands, icicle lights, or a single color, such as red. Your entire yard doesn’t have to be one color, but introducing too many colors looks busy and distracting.

If you’re using multicolored lights, stick to one accent color. With white lights or monochromatic lights, two accents will do the job well.

Use Light Clips

If you want to hang your lights without damaging your house and wanting to scream in frustration, light clips are the answer. These clips are made to hold Christmas lights, so they’re sized perfectly and they install easily. With these clips, you’ll be able to hang up your lights faster than any other method you can think of.

With these lighting display tips in mind, your house will be this year’s belle of the neighborhood. Create the most attractive outdoor Christmas light display you’ve created in years with some proper planning and materials. You’ll enjoy a smoother display installation than you’ve ever experienced.

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