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“Hi there! I’m Kristi…and I’m an interior decorating addict.  I love every aspect of creating beautiful, warm, inviting, comfortable homes — painting, upholstering, creating, building, sewing, and much more. And I love to do these things myself…to get my hands dirty.”

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DINING ROOM DECORATING IDEAS – Colorful, yet tasteful, dining room
BEDROOM DECORATING IDEAS – Inviting Blue and Green Bedroom

Latest Posts:

  • Stripes In The Hallway! (Plus, How To Paint Perfect Stripes On The Wall) November 20, 2017
    My hallway doors still aren’t completely painted, the cabinets still need repair, the ceiling needs paint touchups, and the light still needs to be reinstalled, but by gosh, the trim and walls are fin …
  • A Quick Hallway Update November 17, 2017
    Well, I didn’t feel like I could go a whole week without mentioning my hallway. This hallway has been a very sore subject with me for the last two weeks, but last night, I finally reached a milestone …
  • Trading Spaces Is Returning. Your Thoughts? Here are mine… November 16, 2017
    Y’all remember Trading Spaces, right? It was the show where homeowners swapped houses for a weekend and decorated a room in each others’ homes on a $1000 budget with the help and guidance of an interi …
  • My Search For Entryway Lighting November 14, 2017
    My hallway is kind of a sore subject with me right now, so I’d like to think of happy things, like decorating my living room and entryway and finding the perfect lighting for my credenza (yes, it’s a …
  • My Living Room Buying Spree November 10, 2017
    Every since my new living room rug arrived, I’ve been chomping at the bit to get that room finished. After considering all of the projects I still needed to finish up (or hire out) before the room cou …
  • The Ultimate Source For FREE Botanical (and Bird, and Butterfly, and Many More) Illustration Collections November 8, 2017
    Y’all, I have an amazing source to share with you today!! I just happened upon it somehow, and I feel like I hit the mother lode. So I wanted to pass it along to you in case you don’t know about it. F …
  • Hallway Trimmed Out & New Bathroom Vanity Color Options November 7, 2017
    Well, there are just under two months left in the year. I think it’s pretty safe to say that I won’t finish my list of house goals for 2017 by December 31st. 😀 I’m actually perfectly fine with that. U …
  • My New Obsession — Embroidered Indian Sari Trims November 3, 2017
    Yesterday I posted a couple of pictures to my Instagram account (which you can find and follow here) and then realized that the main items that I have so far for my entryway and living room were right …
  • My New Living Room Rug Is Here (And It’s Amazing!) November 2, 2017
    My new living room rug arrived yesterday, and it’s even more beautiful and more perfect than I expected. I mean, this thing is gorgeous, especially considering the price! I purchased this Safavieh pur …
  • Closer To The Finish Line – Hallway Doors Trimmed Out October 31, 2017
    It’s hard to imagine a project going slower than my hallway project. I look at what I’ve accomplished in the amount of time it’s taken me (I started on September 11th) and can’t help but ask, “What th …

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