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Eclectically Vintage

Eclectically Vintage Logo “When I’m not sharing my love of all things vintage, cool collections, decorating, mixing old and new, flea markets, estate sales, junk and unique art, you might find my feet sticking out of a dumpster, scouring the neighborhood for curbside castoffs, or perusing the thrift shop aisles. My dream came true when I bought a rundown 100+ year old house which I completely gut renovated. I found that a little legwork can get you the highest quality for the lowest price.”

Blog: Eclectically Vintage

Check out a sample of Eclectically Vintage’s Work:

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Beyond the Picket Fence

Beyone the Picket Fence Logo “I am a 46 year old mother of 3, plus 1 sweet son waiting for me in heaven, wife to 1 (because let’s face it, who’d want more than 1!), junker, teacher, believer. I love hunting for junk that I can repurpose, build with or paint on (when I am not doing the mom gig!). I also love taking advantage of the great outdoors in this beautiful place I live, Montana.”

Blog: Beyond the Picket Fence

Check out a sample of Beyond the Picket Fence’s Work:

Trash to Treasure – Making a Table from a Pallet Trash to Treasure – Making a Kitchen Island from a Pallet
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Between Naps on The Porch

Between-Naps-On-The-Porch-logo “I’m Susan and I’m passionate about sharing ideas and information I hope will inspire and enhance your life in some way. Between Naps on the Porch is a “Home and Garden Lifestyle” blog where you’ll find inspiration for Decorating, Tablescaping, Before and Afters, DIY Projects, Thrifting, Antiquing, Home Tours, Gardening, and anything else that strikes my fancy and I think you’ll love too!”

Blog: Between Naps on The Porch

Check out a sample of Between Naps on The Porch’s Work:

BEDROOM DECORATING IDEAS -Toille Guest Bedroom PORCH DECORATING -Screened Porch Addition
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Betsy Speert

Betsy-Speert-logo “I’ve been a designer for longer than some of you have been alive. I have now started a new page of my career, closing my firm and designing furniture, as well as writing decorating books. Some of you may be familiar with my work over the years by seeing me in magazines. I tend to think that I’m funny, so please read my postings with a grain of salt thrown in for flavor”

Blog: Betsy Speert

Check out a sample of Betsy Speert’s Work:

DIY UPHOLSTERY – Reupholster chair DINING ROOM DECORATING IDEAS – cottage dining room
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A Place for Us

a place for us logo “My name is Destiny and welcome to A Place for Us. I’m so happy you found me and I know it’s for a great reason! Maybe your a newlywed fresh off the boat from your honeymoon and your wondering “What now?!”. Or maybe your a mom and you want to make “A Place for Us” SO bad but you just don’t know where to begin. No matter who you are or what type of home you have, your in the right place. Sit back, relax and let me hold your hand as I give you the tools and advice you need to create YOUR home.”

Blog: A Place for Us

Check out a sample of Embracing Change’s Work:

DINING ROOM DECORATING IDEAS – Painting Furniture to give that extra Pop of color PAINTED KITCHEN CABINETS – How to give your kitchen a facelift
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Embracing Change

embracing-change-logo “My name is Stacey and I live in Northeast Pennsylvania. I am married to my love and in June, we celebrated 10 years of marriage!!! My husband is a pastor so our life is a bit nontraditional. Together we have little two girls named Emma who is 7 and Ana who is 4. I enjoy exercising, decorating, blogging, painting and redoing furniture, traveling, crafting, spending time with friends and family and ministry. My family is my passion. I am working to pair up with a friend named Megan to open a small business specializing in home decor and recreated furniture! I am excited for the possibility!”

Blog: Embracing Change

Check out a sample of Embracing Change’s Work:

PAINTING FURNITURE – Beautiful and Bold Dresser Makeover DIY FURNITURE – Old Doors To Dining Room Table
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Favorite Paint Colors

favorite-paint-colors “My name is Kristin and I am a mother to two beautiful little girls. I love being able to stay home with them and getting inspiration from other bloggers on decorating and home tips. I have especially loved seeing how a simple paint color can transform a house into a home and give a room a little added charm. This site is a compilation of favorite paint colors from around blog land to help give you inspiration for your next painting project and to make the “picking out” a little less stressful.”

Blog: Favorite Paint Colors

Check out a sample of Favorite Paint Colors Best Colors- Living Room With Soft Green Walls and Country Bedroom With Sunny Yellow Walls:

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Emily A Clark

emily-a-clark “I was born and raised a Kentucky girl, and moved to Charlotte, NC, two weeks after graduating from college because I was in love. (I still am, by the way.) After we got married, I became slightly obsessed with decorating our home. And, I quickly learned to decorate on a budget and to work with what I had. Our first place was a townhouse that we painted bright yellow to “go with” our green “pleather” couch. . . You live and learn, I suppose.” A couple of years later, we bought our first house, and I realized that I wanted to decorate for others, as well. I quit my job in technology sales to work as a design consultant with Ethan Allen. It was a great hands-on learning experience, and fueled my love of design even more.

Blog: Emily A Clarke

Check out a sample of Emily A Clark’s Work- Cute Pink and Green Girl’s Bedroom and Stylish Living Room with Orange Chairs:

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Brooklyn Limestone

brooklyn-limestone “I started blogging so I could document the renovation process. I figured it would force me to be disciplined about writing it down. The plan was to make a little book out of those photos and posts and close up shop. I never expected to blog about anything else other than the renovation but as you can see, it didn’t work out the way I had expected. I never did get around to doing that renovation photo album. Maybe one day soon?”

Blog: Brooklyn Limestone

Check out a sample of Brooklyn Limestone’s Work- Elegant Bathroom Remodel and Master Bedroom Remodel:

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Beneath My Heart

beneath-my-heart “Want to have a beautiful home but don’t feel like you have the money to create it? I used to feel the same way. As a stay-at-home mom for the last 11 years, living on just one income, and raising four precious, rambunctious boys, I felt I didn’t have the time or money to have a beautiful home. Boy, was I wrong! Instead of just looking at pictures of beautiful homes in magazines and wishing mine looked the same, I decided to try and create the same looks at a fraction of the cost.”

Blog: Beneath My Heart

Check out a sample of Beneath My Heart’s Work- Reupholstered Burlap Chair and Faux Tile Patio Tutorial:

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