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Tips for Painting Casement Windows

painting windows We know that taking care of a home means hard work and lots of effort (physical and financial), but we also know it is worth it. The satisfaction of having a beautiful house that offers you and your family a safe and comfy environment is beyond any financial reward. Today we are going to talk […] Continue reading →

5 Enlightening Tips for Hanging Christmas Tree Lights

How to Decorate with Christmas Lights When you’re creating a magical Christmas lights display, how you hang your lights is as important as the lights you choose. This year, make the job easier and your display prettier by planning and testing your lights before you hang them. Plan First We’ve all driven past houses with random, haphazard light displays. Avoid this unattractive […] Continue reading →

DIY Wall Treatments For Renters

diy wall treatments for renters Sometimes it can be tough to make rental property feel like home. This is because one is often afraid of investing in a rental property. This article will show you how to put some personality into a rental property with these DIY wall treatments. One of the greatest ways to make your rental property feel […] Continue reading →

How to Care for Fine Tableware

tableware-care-guide-by-kneenandco Chances are, your prized tableware sits gathering dust in a cabinet somewhere, hauled out once every couple of years on those rare “special occasions.” Your tableware is meant to be used, not hidden! If your tableware sits idly because you’re nervous about caring for it properly, we have the solution. Read this guide on how […] Continue reading →

Tips for Easy DIY Chair Makeovers

DIY-Chair-Makeover Is your home littered with chairs that have been in the family for decades, or thrift store seats that look worn out but were too good a deal to pass up? Luckily, chairs that are an eyesore are a relatively easy problem to remedy. You can either apply a few easy hacks to spruce up […] Continue reading →

DIY Fireplace Decor Tips

diy fireplace decor - candle holders made from cans The same way decorating a home can be intimidating, redesigning a fireplace can be overwhelming, especially for first timers. While a fresh coat of paint can correct a lot of imperfections on your walls, having the right finish at the fireplace is the key to bring the WOW factor to the space.  Below are a […] Continue reading →