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Decorating with Curtains

moshells curtains Decorating a home for the first time can be intimidating: it seems like there are all these terms you’re expected to know and clever tricks that everyone else is already employing. Window treatments can be especially difficult to get right because there are so many different options. That’s why I’d like to provide a brief […] Continue reading →

Heated Towel Rails – The Lowdown

heated towel rack Bathrooms are places of great relaxation and enjoyment – think of that invigorating shower first thing in the morning, or unwinding at length in a deep, warm bath. There’s that operative word: warm. Anyone who has dipped out of either of these events into a bathroom that appears to have relocated to the Arctic Circle […] Continue reading →

Ideas to Update Your Tired Dining Room

Furniture Village Dining rooms can sometimes get a rough deal – If you are lucky enough to have one, that is. With the premiums on space these days, specific rooms dedicated to the sole pleasure of dining are often not included in house design; they should therefore be cherished when they are. Don’t get me wrong, I […] Continue reading →

Delightful window design solutions

Window shutters Delightful window design solutions There are plenty of different options available when it comes to dressing windows; one of the growing trends at the moment is to opt for window shutters.  These can have a contemporary or traditional feel according to their design, and can give a room more character than perhaps would the more […] Continue reading →