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A rustic elegance is characteristic of the Country Design Style. Some country looks are marked by extensive use of white wood paneling and soft floral patterns, muted hues and pops of red, black or pure white accents. Floral, striped and checked vintage fabric patterns are standards. Elements have a handmade, rustic quality: wood, handmade pottery, baskets and hand-forged metal, etc.

The 36th Avenue

The 36th Avenue “My name is Desirée …i am an island girl. a wife. a mama. a daughter. a dreamer. a mormon. …i love to eat. to dance. to read. to write. to imagine. …i adore Mister Frank Sinatra, sharing time with friends and family, the ocean, old cities, aprons, cooking, singing in the shower, the smell of rain, hot chocolate, taking naps with my husband. making messes with my little ones. …i can never have enough journals. books. shoes. pictures. kisses. dreams. …did I say shoes? i can’t help but i don’t mind… being 5 feet tall. having an Spaniard accent when I speak English. sing my heart out inside of my little car while driving. believing that everyone has the right to experience true joy. Thank YOU for stopping by and WELCOME to The 36th Avenue!”

Blog: The 36th Avenue

Check out a sample of The 36th Avenue’s Work:

DINING ROOM DECORATING IDEAS – Decorating a country dining room CRAFT ROOMS – Bright and country craft room
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The Creekline House

Creek Line House “About a year ago, My husband Chris, our daughter Kennedy and myself packed up and left our life in the big city to move back to Chris’ hometown. We bought a turn-of-the-century farmhouse in the country that needs a whole lot of work. Little by little (by very little) we’re reshaping and restoring this house into the kind of place we want for our family to call home, with some reshaping of ourselves happening in there as well along the way.”

Blog: The Creekline House

Check out a sample of The Creekline House’s Work:

HOUSE DECORATING IDEAS – Making things out of twine, like this twine bowl PORCH DECORATING – Try replacing the glass on your exterior lights with a mason jar
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Faded Charm Cottage

Faded Charm “Hi. My name is Kathleen and my passions are decorating and gardening. I have a love affair with junk. I’m drawn to muted colors and anything weathered, chippy, crusty and worn. Some of my favorite blogs are the talented women who show pictures of their homes, gardens and decorating styles or projects they are working on. It is a great way to get ideas and my hope for this blog is to show my creativity and style through my own home and garden.”

Blog: Faded Charm Cottage

Check out a sample of Faded Charm Cottage’s Work:

MASTER BEDROOM IDEAS – Charming Country Bedroom DECORATING IDEAS FOR KITCHENS – Vintage Country Kitchen
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Nine + Sixteen

Nine and Sixteen Logo “i love cozy homes, little boys in jammies + wellies, chocolate, wearing dresses, a red le creuset on my stove top, funny people, chanel no. 5, new england, bedtime stories and gingham. I am very grateful for ALL of you that take time to read my blog. I’m always a bit surprised that anyone besides my Mum does. But getting to know you through your comments and your blogs makes this whole online journaling experience so much more fun!”

Blog: Nine + Sixteen

Check out a sample of Nine + Sixteen’s Work:

DINING ROOM DECORATING IDEAS – Classic Colonial Style Living Room MASTER BEDROOM IDEAS – Fresh and Updated Country Master Bedroom
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Between Naps on The Porch

Between-Naps-On-The-Porch-logo “I’m Susan and I’m passionate about sharing ideas and information I hope will inspire and enhance your life in some way. Between Naps on the Porch is a “Home and Garden Lifestyle” blog where you’ll find inspiration for Decorating, Tablescaping, Before and Afters, DIY Projects, Thrifting, Antiquing, Home Tours, Gardening, and anything else that strikes my fancy and I think you’ll love too!”

Blog: Between Naps on The Porch

Check out a sample of Between Naps on The Porch’s Work:

BEDROOM DECORATING IDEAS -Toille Guest Bedroom PORCH DECORATING -Screened Porch Addition
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Pretty Handy Girl

pretty-handy-girl “This blog is for anyone who wishes they were handy and could make their own repairs, upgrades or become a true do-it-yourselfer. I write detailed tutorials (about home improvement, home repair, decor, craft and sewing) to help DIYers over the newbie hump. This blog is my way of sharing and empowering others to tackle their own project.”

Blog: Pretty Handy Girl

Check out a sample of Pretty Handy Girls Work – Adding Grilles to Garage Door Windows and Making Mudroom Storage:

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