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The Transitional look bridges contemporary and traditional design. Some pieces offer a deep rooted sense of history, while furniture is updated with cleaner lines. Using leather ottomans as coffee tables is very popular in this decor. Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn could be considered transitional looks.

Red Head Can Decorate

Redhead Can Decorate “From a very young age, I have always loved decorating whatever space I happen to be in. When I was 10 I remember spending hours alone in my room I shared with my siblings making beds-yes, making beds and liking it, decorating walls, moving furniture around. I loved it then…and I still love it. Over the years I decorated our first apartment, our first home, our second home, etc. I must say…the home that we live in now has been the most rewarding project thus far and I am here to share it and all of the affordable, easy, sometimes crazy ideas! It brings me complete joy sharing these ideas that it took me years to create.”

Blog: Red Head Can Decorate

Check out a sample of Red Head Can Decorate’s Work:

KITCHEN REMODEL IDEAS – Beautiful Traditional Kitchen Remodel BATHROOM REMODEL IDEAS – With beautiful 2-inch Corian Countertops
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While Wearing Heels

While Wearing Heels “Adjusting to life since being laid off. When days used to consist of business deals and wearing heels. Now that I am a stay at home mom, in addition to taking care of my adorable little girl, I am learning more about cooking, crafting and creating while realizing that even though I am a stay at home mom, I can still wear my heels!”

Blog: While Wearing Heels

Check out a sample of While Wearing Heels’s Work:

PANTRY ORGANIZATION – Elegant pantry remodel in a 100-year old home BATHROOM DECORATING IDEAS – How to update a 100-year old bathroom with a small budget
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Two Story Cottage

Two Story Cottage “I’m Erin, your hostess here at Two Story Cottage. Thanks for stopping by, it’s a pleasure to meet you! Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we? I have an affinity for catalogs but my first loves are my college sweetheart, and the two little people that we call ours. A designer wannabe, I lack expertise but am a crockpot of potential. I’ve had a lot of practice as we are on residence number four in almost a decade of marriage. We’ve climbed the property ladder one house at a time and have finally left cookie cutter behind. Our new place is dream home material so we are hoping to put down roots.”

Blog: Two Story Cottage

Check out a sample of Two Story Cottage’s Work:

DINING ROOM DECORATING IDEAS – Beautiful dining room with wallpaper on the ceiling KITCHEN DECORATING IDEAS – Get the cottage look with striped wallpaper on the ceiling
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Remodelaholic “I love almost every creative avenue and like to have projects to keep me busy. When it comes to remodeling we do it on a tight budget. Try at tops $5,000 for our entire house. Our motto is reduce, reuse, recycle, re-purpose, remodel (try saying that 5 times fast)! We try to use old things in creative ways and reuse our old building supplies in other projects. I love projects!! I LOVE PROJECTS! Let me shout it from the mountain tops! Can I get an amen? Projects help to keep me fulfilled as a stay at home mom. I try to accomplish one thing a day. It could be put the junk away off the floor in my bedroom, or it could be rip out a wall I don’t like…. you never know, you will just have to watch and see.”

Blog: Remodelaholic

Check out a sample of Remodelaholic’s Work:

MOLDING IDEAS – Amazing living transformation with a high-end look because of some amazing molding DIY HOME DÉCOR – How to build custom newel posts
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Our Lake Life

Our Lake Life Hi, I’m Maria, I am career woman, wife and new mother who is lucky enough to live on a wonderful lake in New Jersey with my husband Bryan and son Nikolas. Both my boys have the pleasure of being subject to my random dreamings of wonderful trips and remodeling plans. While not everything I envision happens exactly the way I plan, sometimes, those very special ones work out just perfect. In this website I write about my life on the lake, pictures I take, my favoritest things and the trips both far and near that I plan on going.

Blog: Our Lake Life

Check out a sample of Our Lake Life’s Work:

BEDROOM DECORATING IDEAS – Colorful and elegant master bedroom LIVING ROOM DECORATING IDEAS – Colorful and stylish living room
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I Should be Mopping the Floor

I should be mopping the floor “Welcome. I’m Kristi, a former event planner, part-time graphic designer, born & raised texan, wife to david and mom to benjamin & jonathan. This blog is my creative outlest & makes it possible for me to connect with so many others in the creative world. I enjoy DIY projects, crafts, knock-off projects, thrift-store makeovers and my favorite: bento making.”

Blog: I Should be Mopping the Floor

Check out a sample of I Should be Mopping the Floor’s Work:

DIY FURNITURE – Don’t like the color of your upholstered furniture? Uh…you could just paint it! DIY HOME DÉCOR – How to turn a mirror into a chalk board
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DIY Design

DIY Design “I am a wife, mother of 3 highly spirited young children, DIYer, and self-taught interior designer with an eclectic education in the arts! In 2011 I started my interior decorating and design business METZ INTERIORS. I believe everyone deserves to love their home, and I love to share my adventures in the world of interior design with those seeking to make their house their home!”

Blog: DIY Design

Check out a sample of DIY Design’s Work:

DIY FURNITURE – How to customize a basic cabinet to make it look high end INTERIOR PAINTING IDEAS – Great idea on how to make your own faux brick wall
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Delightful Order

Delightful Order “Welcome to Delightful Order, I am DaNita. Along with being a Christian, the wife to an amazing man and the mother of four boys, a few of my other favorite things are Simplifying, Creating, Organizing & Decorating. My goal through this blog is to inspire creative ways to simplify ones life with organization and home decoration, along with sharing some fun craft, gift, party and holiday ideas.”

Blog: Delightful Order

Check out a sample of Delightful Order’s Work:

TOY ORGANIZING – Turn a closet under the stairs into toy storage CRAFT ROOMS – Great craft room for any craft lover!
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House of Hepworths

House of Hepworths “Welcome to House of Hepworths! This blog chronicles my journey from turning a cookie-cutter basic builder-grade house into our custom dream home. I do all the work myself so I can save a buck or two, and I share the process with you to hopefully inspire you to tackle projects in your home. I write about anything related to sprucing up our home, whether it be painting, or hanging molding, or sewing drapes or duvets.”

Blog: House of Hepworths

Check out a sample of House of Hepworths’s Work:

DIY Home DÉCOR – How to make a cheap and sturdy curtain rod HOW TO INSTALL MOLDING – Fireplace makeover
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House of Rose

House of Rose “Welcome to our lovely home where we constantly have naked children running around. Ahem. Hey, laundry is not my favorite past-time. If you have boys then you know that…clothes…are optional until you are five. I try to keep my house fairly picked up and clean. You know, just in case you were to pop in and say hello. But, my kids? I can’t always promise you they are “visitor ready”. In fact, they will most likely need 3 minutes to throw on some pants. We built our home in 2010 and ever since…I’ve had my dad working on a constant Pinterest project. Pinterest…the devil. Ha! Lucky for us, he is free labor. I wouldn’t have been able to do HALF of the stuff in our home if it weren’t for his free labor.”

Blog: House of Rose

Check out a sample of House of Rose’s Work:

DINING ROOM DECORATING IDEAS – Fresh modern dining room NURSERY DECORATING IDEAS – Beautiful Blue and Gray Nursery
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