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“I believe this blogging thing is a God-inspired venture for me. I never thought I would be writing a blog. I used to say, nah, I don’t have time for that, or think to myself I wouldn’t be a good writer.  I have always loved to decorate, but now I just have a new-found passion for it, on a budget. I love going to thrift stores and Goodwill on the hunt for the next thing to make lovely.”

Blog: Decor Chick

Check out a sample of Decor Chick’s Work – Living Room With Molding Tutorials and Orange and Teal Laundry Room:

Latest Posts:

  • A Premium Starter Kit Sale All Month Long! February 4, 2016
    Hello friends and happy February!! I wanted to let you all know quickly about a super sale all month long!! We’ve been using essential oils for over 2 years now. See, I’m proof these just …
  • Oh, the Magic of Tidying Up! January 25, 2016
    So I mentioned in my last post I’ve been doing quite a bit of cleaning up around here. I mean, like thorough, going through the stuff you always put off kind of cleaning up. And this craziness a …
  • January Stitch Fix Box! January 19, 2016
    Oh yes it’s that time again!! Happy Stitch Fix mail time! :) And this month, I think I may have received the best fix so far. I asked for ALL sweaters, nothing else, and thankfully my stylist he …
  • How To Organize Your Junk Drawers {And a $100 Walmart Giveaway} January 14, 2016
    So I hate to even continue calling these drawers “junk drawers.” But everyone has them. You just do. And I’m fed up with it! Seriously. We are making changes around here, and I …
  • Why You Need An Instant Pot NOW!!! January 11, 2016
    Oh my goodness y’all. If you have trouble with meal planning, have little time to actually cook, cooking meat that turns out tough, or maybe just aren’t even the best cook? YOU NEED AN INS …
  • Wellness and Purpose in 2016! January 5, 2016
    Hi friends and happy new year!! Is a new year just another year to you, or is a new year an opportunity for you to change things that you want to do better than the last? For me, it’s the latter …
  • December Stitch Fix Box! December 28, 2015
    Hey hey hey! I hope you all had a very merry Christmas!! We had a great day, and as usual in December, things are quiet around here, since it’s time to gear up for the new year and clear out the …
  • Our Christmas Home! December 9, 2015
    I’m so excited to show you all our Christmas decor this year! I’m still trying to keep things more simple, but still pretty and enjoyable to where it’s not a burden to decorate! Toda …
  • Just in Case You are Wondering if Homeschooling Works… December 7, 2015
    It does! It really does! And yes, you can teach your kids to read, which is probably one of the biggest fears of many. I had that fear too. But, I’m happy to report YOU CAN teach them. See, I ev …
  • Bellacor Lighting Giveaway!! December 1, 2015
    Happy December 1st friends!! I’m here to kick off December with a fabulous giveaway from Bellacor! They offer beautiful home decor items, and gorgeous lighting! And what I love is that they seri …

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