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“I believe this blogging thing is a God-inspired venture for me. I never thought I would be writing a blog. I used to say, nah, I don’t have time for that, or think to myself I wouldn’t be a good writer.  I have always loved to decorate, but now I just have a new-found passion for it, on a budget. I love going to thrift stores and Goodwill on the hunt for the next thing to make lovely.”

Blog: Decor Chick

Check out a sample of Decor Chick’s Work – Living Room With Molding Tutorials and Orange and Teal Laundry Room:

Latest Posts:

  • Winter Wellness Tea October 17, 2016
    Oh yes, it’s about that time friends! And you know what I’m talking about. Be PROACTIVE this coming season with your health. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you feel like crud for a week or 2. Nip …
  • Fall Decorating! {And a Giveaway!} October 1, 2016
    Yes the most wonderful time of the year. FALL. I know I’ve said that many times. 🙂 But we finally dragged out some of the Fall bins from the attic and I dug out a few decorations! I keep things very …
  • Electrolux Masterpiece Collection Review and Giveaway!! September 1, 2016
    Hello there friends!! Today is exciting because I get to show off a few new kitchen appliances from Electrolux, and give them away to you too!! And these aren’t just any ole appliances. They are the t …
  • The Young Living Experience August 28, 2016
    The Young Living experience is SO much more than oils. It’s FUN, it’s WELLNESS, it’s NEW FRIENDS, it’s ABUNDANCE…it’s a LIFESTYLE!!! I know you’ve seen my posts about Young Living. I know some of you …
  • Why Everyone Needs Essential Oils! August 8, 2016
    Ok, so let me just tell you a little back story about essential oils and what I thought about them originally… Did I ever think I “needed” essential oils? Answer: No.  Did I ever think I needed to dit …
  • What’s New From Young Living Essential Oils! July 8, 2016
    As I mentioned in my previous post from just returning from the Young Living International Grand Convention, LOTS of new products were introduced and released, and I am SO excited about them I have to …
  • For the LOVE…of Lavender!! July 5, 2016
    Oh sweet Lavender. There’s nothing like it. My husband and I just returned from the Young Living convention a few weeks ago, and we once again got to visit our beautiful Lavender farm in Mona, Utah. I …
  • Family Road Trip! {our first one!} June 6, 2016
    I’ve been quiet on here because we’ve been roadtrippin! And my only regret on this trip is that we haven’t done this sooner. We took our first family road trip to the beach, down to Gulf Shores, Alaba …
  • DIY Fairy Garden May 18, 2016
    Well this turned out way cuter than I had imagined. Our girls had been wanting to make their own fairy garden for a while, so my husband took the reigns on this project and did a DIY Fairy Garden with …
  • Essential Oils for Emotional Support May 16, 2016
    Oh the emotions…they can run wild and free can’t they? And I mean that in the not-so-awesome way. 😉 But isn’t it great that we have the ability to help support our emotions naturally and healthily wi …

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