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“I believe this blogging thing is a God-inspired venture for me. I never thought I would be writing a blog. I used to say, nah, I don’t have time for that, or think to myself I wouldn’t be a good writer.  I have always loved to decorate, but now I just have a new-found passion for it, on a budget. I love going to thrift stores and Goodwill on the hunt for the next thing to make lovely.”

Blog: Decor Chick

Check out a sample of Decor Chick’s Work – Living Room With Molding Tutorials and Orange and Teal Laundry Room:

Latest Posts:

  • How To Support Those Seasonal Changes Naturally! February 24, 2017
    Hey friends!! Goodness I don’t know about where you live, but it’s been like 80 degrees here this week and pollen is in FULL bloom! It makes you just want to sort of sneeze like crazy. 🙂 It’s WAY too …
  • That T.V. Appearance! January 30, 2017
    Hello hello friends! So a few weeks ago I had the honor to go on a local live television show!! It was one of the scariest things I’ve done in my life! Everything leading up to it of course, but once …
  • Welcome Houston Life Fans! January 16, 2017
    Hey new Houston Life friends!! I’m so excited you are here today! It was SO much fun being on the show today!  Since you are probably new to my blog and maybe wanting to learn a little bit more about …
  • Cleaning Up For the New Year! {Plus an Electrolux Giveaway!} December 31, 2016
    So I am one of those people where I usually take Christmas down the day AFTER. This year I waited a few days and I’m not sure how I actually managed to do that. I am always itching for that clean feel …
  • The Cruise Life December 27, 2016
    Hey friends!! Goodness, it’s been a whirlwind season around here. I totally had intentions on showing you our Christmas home this year, and completely failed at that. But, I’m giving myself grace for …
  • The Best Cranberry Bread ever! December 1, 2016
    GUYS!! If you love cranberry bread, or maybe you’ve never even tried it, or heck, maybe you’ve even tried it and hated it before…you’ve gotta try this recipe! There’s no other bread better than mama’s …
  • Chocolate Pumpkin Smoothie October 31, 2016
    What 2 things go perfectly together, especially this time of year? Chocolate and Pumpkin of course! And even better when you can drink the 2 together in a yummy smoothie! 🙂 Here’s how simple it is to …
  • Winter Wellness Tea October 17, 2016
    Oh yes, it’s about that time friends! And you know what I’m talking about. Be PROACTIVE this coming season with your health. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you feel like crud for a week or 2. Nip …
  • Fall Decorating! {And a Giveaway!} October 1, 2016
    Yes the most wonderful time of the year. FALL. I know I’ve said that many times. 🙂 But we finally dragged out some of the Fall bins from the attic and I dug out a few decorations! I keep things very …
  • Electrolux Masterpiece Collection Review and Giveaway!! September 1, 2016
    Hello there friends!! Today is exciting because I get to show off a few new kitchen appliances from Electrolux, and give them away to you too!! And these aren’t just any ole appliances. They are the t …

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