Decorating Shelves – How to style a book case from “Honey We’re Home”

I have the hardest time accessorizing a room. I can get the paint color right, the furniture arrangement, the fabric for the curtains… But when it comes to all those small knick knacks like vases and books that are on the tables, mantels and bookcases, I usually get stuck. I guess it’s because I hate clutter and have a hard time setting more stuff out. However, a room never seems finished until it has all those little accessories. I don’t know, maybe I’ll become better at it once I don’t have small kids, because they think everything I put out is for them to play with.
So I was interested to see how Megan from Honey We’re Home went about accessorizing her bookcase.
Here is the before:

And here is the After:

Looks a lot better with more stuff huh?

You can read more about it how she did it in her post:  Media Cabinet Makeover

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What do you think?  Have any tips for us on how to accessorize?  Leave a comment and let us know!!

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