Designing the Kitchen Layout

I’m coming down with a major case of DIY bug.  With 1 year of selling our home and almost 4 months of apartment living, I’m going crazy of my lack of DIY projects.  We decided to move an apartment after selling our home so that we could have time to decide on exactly what we want.

Currently we are exploring building a house…it’s going very slowly.  I knew building would be stressful but I didn’t think it would start even before we were anywhere close to getting started building.  Coming up with plans in our budget and finding a place to build have taken WAY longer than we thought it would.

While we are wasting away in our apartment with interest rates rising, I’ve spent hours looking through pictures trying to get some ideas what we should build now and what we should DIY later.

I’m currently working on the kitchen…layout, color cabinets, counter tops, floors…trying to figure out ways to save money but still look nice.

Our dream kitchen would have a large island overlooking the family room.  I made a 3d layout on the IKEA website (it looks a little funky b/c it was hard to get everything exact, but at least you have an idea of the layout.  (just ignore the colors, I was just working on layout)

kitchen layout1

kitchen layout2

My biggest problem was the windows in this layout.  Our kitchen will have 2 outside walls on the side and back of our house.  I really want windows on both sides because if we didn’t have windows on the side wall (where the sink is) then we would have NO windows on that entire side of the house and I hate not being able to see out all sides of our house…you know if you hear strange noises in the night 🙂  I also want windows on the back so I can keep an eye on the kids playing outside while I’m making dinner.

So I did a lot of research about windows near a stove and it seems the only concerns that I came across that made me think twice was someone talking about window coverings.  One person said that they wouldn’t want to have an uncovered window with people being able to see you at night but another person pointed out that it would be a fire hazard to have curtains near a gas stove…..hmmm….

So I guess the only choice would be to have blinds or shades…

I really like the look of these half-window, wood blinds:

There would be no hanging cords and no fabric to be a fire hazard…..

What do you think?

Oh, I just go the layout back from the kitchen guy and this is what he came up with:

kitchen layout3

kitchen layout4

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