DIY Fireplace Decor Tips

The same way decorating a home can be intimidating, redesigning a fireplace can be overwhelming, especially for first timers. While a fresh coat of paint can correct a lot of imperfections on your walls, having the right finish at the fireplace is the key to bring the WOW factor to the space.  Below are a number of ideas I found while browsing for fireplace decor at this location.

As much as I love exposed brick among other construction materials, not every home décor can accommodated exposed brick in its original color. If you feel the current brick on your fireplace is somehow conflicting with your décor, before replacing it with something else, consider applying a white wash finish to the current brick. The white wash will give a more rustic feeling to the room. On the other hand, for a more contemporary look, you can paint the brick in a rich black using a satin finish.

If the exposed brick goes all the way to the ceiling and its current color works with your space, make most of it by removing the mantel to give the fireplace a sleeker look.  If you are applying a white wash to the brick, you still can achieve a more contemporary look by installing a black mantel and placing few picture frames (use different sizes to create interest to the area) with black and white photos over 2/3 of the mantel, leaving the other 1/3 for some greenery.

Furthermore, if you are handy with power tools and your fireplace is a little outdated, you still can bring it up to current century by giving it a facelift. Search for large, rectangular tiles for a more modern and sleeker look. Glass mosaic tiles are also a great option if you want to add some shine to the space. Plus, they are super easy to install.

Placing mirrors above the fireplace is a great solution to make small places look bigger and brighter as the mirrors will reflect all the surrounding lighting, which can help you to cut down the amount of energy needed to illuminate the space. When selecting mirrors, you can either place an oversized one or create a wall with smaller ones. Either way, they will bright up your room.

Regardless if your fireplace comes with a mantel or not, having an artwork installed is a great solution to cover that empty space above the fireplace. Whenever possible I encourage my clients to select artwork for the fireplace. It can be a large piece of artwork either made by a local artist or a collection of photographs that tell a little bit about the individuals living in that house, their lifestyle, and their story. Overall, the artwork should be a conversational piece that promotes engagement among the people in the room. Tip: when placing photos around the fireplace, look for frames of same finish but different sizes. Also, try to keep the matte proportional to the frame and, for a more traditional look, prefer black and white images over colorful ones.

diy fireplace decor - candle holders made from cans

Candle lovers can definitely take advantage of this idea to create their very own candle holders made with recycled tins and scraps of fabric and paper. All you need is few empty cans of veggies and tuna. Start by removing all labels and washing all cans completely. Let them dry for a day. Using glue and scraps of fabric, wallpaper, or gift paper, cover the outside of the cans. Voila! Now you have your very own set of candle holders for you candles [pillar or votive ones]. You can also connect two can together by drilling a hole on the bottom of each can and securing them with nuts and bolts. If you arts and crafts are not your forte, consider either placing several tea-light sized candles over the mantel or grouping an odd number of candle holders on different shapes and size together. When grouping them, pay attention to how the colors and textures work together. Pick one item to be the center of your arrangement, few more to compliment it and very few ones to fill the empty space.

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