Easy way to watermark your Blog’s Pictures

While browsing around the web for great DIY Home Decor Blogs, I came across a post on how to add your blog name to your pictures – the easy way.  The tutorial was for Photo Shop and I have Jasc Paint Shop Pro so I had to figure out how to do it for Paint Shop Pro.  You can stamp your pictures with your logo but I’m going to show you how to do it for text, because I decided that after trying a few different things, stamping my pictures with my website address is the best thing to do, ie, www.DiyHomeDecorBlogs.com . I think capitalizing the first letter in the word helps with reading it easier.

Step 1

In a New Image, choose the Text tool and which font you like.  Then type in the text you want to appear in your watermark.
Don’t worry about size and color because you will be able to change that when you use the water mark.  I just made sure I used a decent sized font.

Easy Way to Watermark your Images Step 1

Step 2

Next Choose the crop tool and crop closely to your text.

Step 3

After cropping go to File->Export->Custom Brush…

Step 4

Save your Custom Brush as whatever name you want.

Step 5

To use your new watermark, open the picture you wish to watermark.  Then (1) Choose Paint Brush Tool, (2) Show all your Brush Choices, and (3) Select the Brush you just saved.

Step 6

You can choose the size and color you want.  Then just click ONE time where you want the watermark on the picture you are going to place on your blog.



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