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“When I’m not sharing my love of all things vintage, cool collections, decorating, mixing old and new, flea markets, estate sales, junk and unique art, you might find my feet sticking out of a dumpster, scouring the neighborhood for curbside castoffs, or perusing the thrift shop aisles.  My dream came true when I bought a rundown 100+ year old house which I completely gut renovated.  I found that a little legwork can get you the highest quality for the lowest price.”
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  • Camoflauging TV with a Gallery Wall June 20, 2017
    I’ve been staring at this black hole of a TV for years and have always wanted to create a gallery wall so the TV would no longer be the focal point. Indecision crippled me for a long time until I fina …
  • Sale Alert – Summer Favorites (& Pineapple Pants)! June 16, 2017
    They had me at pineapple. I’ve been searching for comfy, cool, casual pants for summer and I’ll be living in these colorful pineapple joggers. Post contains affiliate links. I got the joggers in cramb …
  • Peonies Envy and Free Peony Printables! June 6, 2017
    This is what I wait 50 weeks of the year for – an explosion of peonies! I planted three peony bushes two years ago (read my Peony Planting Tips here) and they reward me with armloads of blooms every s …
  • Seasonal Decor Changes and a Giveaway! June 1, 2017
    There’s nothing better than making a few seasonal decorating changes around the house. I’ve partnered with Kirkland’s to celebrate the grand opening of their latest store in Brick, NJ on June 3 and fo …

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