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“When I’m not sharing my love of all things vintage, cool collections, decorating, mixing old and new, flea markets, estate sales, junk and unique art, you might find my feet sticking out of a dumpster, scouring the neighborhood for curbside castoffs, or perusing the thrift shop aisles.  My dream came true when I bought a rundown 100+ year old house which I completely gut renovated.  I found that a little legwork can get you the highest quality for the lowest price.”
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  • Minimalist Halloween Decorating and Free Printable October 16, 2017
    Now that my girls are approaching 18 and their trick or treating days are far behind them, I’m finding my desire to decorate for Halloween disappearing faster than Casper the Ghost! Don’t miss more Ha …
  • Falling for Vintage & Modern – Fall Living Room October 11, 2017
    There is nothing I love more than mixing old and new. So get inspired to mix it up in your house because today five friends and I are sharing how we do the vintage/modern mix. My friend Holli from Bee …
  • Planning Ahead for Christmas – Best Weekend Sales October 8, 2017
    It’s early October but I’ve got Christmas on my mind. When some of your favorite stores have mega sales, you stock up on decorations and gifts (for others and yourself)! Here are some of my favorites …
  • Eclectic Home Tour – Louisa Craven October 7, 2017
    It’s back! After an extended summer vacation, Eclectic Home Tours are back and better than ever! After you tour this home, make sure to check out all of the tours to get tons of decorating inspiration …

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