Embracing Change

“My name is Stacey and I live in Northeast Pennsylvania.  I am married to my love and in June, we celebrated 10 years of marriage!!!  My husband is a pastor so our life is a bit nontraditional.   Together we have little two girls named Emma who is 7 and Ana who is 4.  I enjoy exercising, decorating, blogging, painting and redoing furniture, traveling, crafting, spending time with friends and family and ministry.  My family is my passion.   I am working to pair up with a friend named Megan to open a small business specializing in home decor and recreated furniture!  I am excited for the possibility!”

Blog: Embracing Change

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PAINTING FURNITURE – Beautiful and Bold Dresser Makeover
DIY FURNITURE – Old Doors To Dining Room Table

Latest Posts:

  • Sweet Antique Server May 24, 2017
    I loved this sweet server the second I laid eyes on her! She was petite and I really liked her lines. The curved front doors were so unique and I couldn’t wait to get my paint brush on her! I thought …
  • Creative Inspirations Features and Linky Party May 18, 2017
    Good morning! How are you doing friends? With the winding down of sports and school, things have been VERY busy with me! I am sure you are feeling the same! First, let’s see some features from last we …
  • Old White Stunner May 15, 2017
    I had to make an hour drive one way for this beauty. I don’t mind driving, but not knowing what you might find once you get there can be unnerving. You just hope it will be worth the trip. It’s a gamb …
  • Creative Inspirations Linky Party and Features May 11, 2017
    Hi friends! Hope you are doing well! Life has been exceptionally crazy at my house. We are currently house hunting and under a great deal of stress as a result. It is NOT AT ALL LIKE HOUSE HUNTERS my …
  • Handsome Empire Dresser in Artissimo May 8, 2017
    Oh my goodness. When I saw this dresser posted on Craigslist, I fell in love quickly! Such a stately and handsome dresser and the mirror was spectacular. I made an offer a bit lower than the asking pr …
  • Creative Inspirations Linky Party and Features May 3, 2017
    Good morning! Time for another great party! My apologies for not posting last night, but my life has been more than a little crazy lately. Last week, we received notice that our landlord would like to …
  • Cottage Dresser in Arles May 2, 2017
    I spotted this adorable little dresser on a Facebook sale site and I was immediately drawn in. She was so perfectly cute and the wood was in such nice shape. I had her delivered without having gone to …
  • Creative Inspirations Linky Party and Features April 27, 2017
     Hi everyone! Welcome to the Creative Inspirations Linky Party at Embracing Change! Let’s get started right away with some lovely features from last week’s party! Master Bedroom Refresh by Grandma’s H …
  • Creative Inspirations Linky Party and Features April 20, 2017
     Good morning friends! Welcome to the Creative Inspirations Linky Party at Embracing Change! Thanks for coming back week after week to share all your ideas, thoughts and creations with us How about so …
  • Pure White Pretty April 16, 2017
    I bought the prettiest dresser the other week from a furniture friend of mine. I was happy to find her! The chest was pretty when I got her, but needed some OOMPH. She was solid with great lines and a …

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One thought on “Embracing Change

  1. Hi there!
    Just found myself here and wanted to say hello! Thanks for the nice post :o)
    So kind of you!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

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