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“Megan from “Honey We’re Home” has built and decorated her home from the ground up. Read her blog to see her house go from a design on paper to a finished house to beautiful rooms with her own Transitional/Art Deco Style.”


Blog: Honey We’re Home

Check out a sample of Honey We’re Home’s work – Amazing Closet and Kitchen Reveal:

Latest Posts:

  • Outfits Lately October 20, 2017
    Hi friends!  Y’all have no idea how happy I am that we made it to Friday!!  That Project OneWay fashion show was looming over my head and it was such a fantastic relief to enter the weekend having it …
  • Man Travels to Foreign Land October 17, 2017
    Okay, ladies, back by popular demand is my oh-so handsome and witty husband, sharing his recent shopping experience at Nordstrom.  I have to say, I almost cried laughing reading this, but keep in mind …
  • BH&G & Bloom Recap October 16, 2017
    Hello friends! I hope your weekend was nice and relaxing and you’re beginning today with a fresh start!  That’s how I like to start Mondays!  We can easily drag into the week kicking and screaming or …
  • In the Dressing Room October 13, 2017
    Hi friends, hoo-ray for Friday!!  Are you looking forward to it as much as I am?!  With those couple recent trips, I feel like I need a weekend to just sit and do nothing!  I love getting to do those …
  • October Loves October 11, 2017
    Hello friends! How is your week going?  It felt like a long weekend over here taking Monday off for that quick trip to the beach, but Tuesday and Wednesday are jam packed getting ready for and attendi …
  • Fall Basics Outfit #4 & #5 October 10, 2017
    Well that was a fun Monday!  James was home from school for a teacher inservice day, so we made an impromptu day trip to Galveston!  We haven’t been since Spring Break and I loooove Galveston in Octob …
  • Fall Basics Outfit #3 October 9, 2017
    How was your weekend?  We enjoyed a pretty relaxing Saturday at home, beginning with one of my favorite breakfast dishes- Pioneer Woman’s baked French toast.  I usually save something like that for th …
  • Fall Basics Outfit #2 October 6, 2017
    Hi friends, happy Friday!! You know what finally feels good today?! Waking up with a fully stocked fridge after being on empty for much of the week!  I hate looking into a pitifully empty fridge, so d …
  • Fall Basics Outfit #1 October 5, 2017
    Yesterday, I showed you 10 basic pieces that you can mix and match for Fall, and today, I’m taking two of the pieces (the jeans and long cardigan) and showing how they look on.  I’ve gotten lots of qu …
  • 10 Pieces to Mix & Match with Jeans for Fall October 4, 2017
    I want to start this post with my usual, upbeat spirit, but I can’t just dive right in without acknowledging the tragedy in Las Vegas and the people who lost their lives and their loved ones.  It’s su …

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