How to find the Source of a Picture on the Internet

How to find the source of a picture feature

Have you found the perfect gift for your child and want to
see if it’s cheaper elsewhere?

Or maybe you’re a BLOGGER and have a picture you want to use on your blog and
you want to find the source of the picture?

Or maybe Pinterest can’t find the website of a PIN
and you really wanted to read the article?

If so, here is an EASY way to find
or where else the picture is posted.


Step 1

With your internet browser open and the picture pulled up (like this picture in Pinterest that Pinterest said “Invalid URL” when I clicked on it),

Right click on the picture that you want to find the source of.

Choose “Copy Image Location”

Step 2

Go to and click on “Images” in the top left hand corner.

Step 3

Click on the little Camera in the Search box

Step 4

Paste the image url into the search box and click “Search by Image”

That’s it!  Now all the websites that have that image will pull up and you might have to search through a few to find the original source.

I’ve also used this as a way to find a cheaper deal on an obscure product that I wanted to buy but when I searched for it with just words in google nothing else came up.

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