How to get Motivated

Okay, gals and guys, let’s take about something important.  If you are anything like me, I know a lot of you probably spending a lot of time drooling over other people’s’ DIY projects wishing that is what your house looks like.  However, if your house doesn’t look like that then you probably are lacking one BIG important thing (well besides money, right?)…..


I hear you groaning….
Yeah I know, I remember groaning big time when I was faced with painting my ENTIRE 2400 sq ft house….I mean everything….walls, ceilings, doors (3 coats), base molding (4 coats), crown molding (4 coats), wood windows including the grilles (4 coats), cabinets, deck….oh man I don’t even want to think about it.  It took me 3 years to complete because of a lack of motivation.

The majority of the painting was done in a short space of time because I found a GREAT motivator….and what is it, you may ask?


Do you see it?  My motivation?  My life changer?  The thing that has helped me get more done and enjoy the work more than anything else?

Here is a closer look:

kindle with text to speech - my motivation

See the paint?

kindle with text to speech - my motivation -paint

That, my friends, is a kindle WITH Text-to-Speech.  It’s actually my second kindle, my first one was a first generation with the buttons (which I liked better b/c the space bar was easy to access to pause the book).

My mom sent me some money for a birthday a few years back and I decided to splurge and buy a kindle.  Well it didn’t take me to long to start thinking that if I could only listen to a book while I had to do those things I hate to do, like painting, it’d be a lot easier.  So I took a scrap piece of fleece fabric and my hot glue gun and made a little pouch that I tie around my waist.  Then I thread the ear phones up through my shirt (b/c that cord likes to get caught on things) and put in ONE ear piece….I always leave one ear free so I can listen out for the kids.

When my first kindle broke I tried to go without one but I was very unhappy, because without it I had no motivation and if I had no motivation then I wasn’t getting stuff done.  Then I hated myself for not getting anything done…so I bought another one and life’s been much better.

Man, I can’t even tell you how much easier painting is when you are listening to a book, listening to music doesn’t even come close.  Almost all of that painting was done when I was severely Anemic and I didn’t even know it.  I had NO energy and was dizzy and faint a lot and the Kindle was STILL able to motivate me to get off the couch and finish all that painting and even enjoy it.  NOW THAT IS MOTIVATION!!  Plus Amazon has TONS of free books.  The have a Top 100 free and paid books that makes it easy to find a good book fast.

Top 100 Free Kindle Books

I now do this for everything, cleaning, DIY projects, walking….  I could walk for miles and never notice while listening to a good book.  I find it so much easier to get up and clean the house too, then I’m happier because the house is clean…

Did I say that my kindle was LIFE CHANGING?  Well it is!  I’ll never be without one.

So if you are lacking motivation, then I strongly suggest you get a kindle.  HOWEVER, it can’t be just any kindle, for some reason Amazon doesn’t put Text to Speech on all of them so make sure it says that is one of the features before you buy.

Here are a few that do have text-to speech:

kindle fire





Kindle Fire 7″ HD 8 GB  or  Kindle Fire 7″ HD 16 GB


kindle fire hdx 16 gb






Kindle Fire 7″ HDX 16 GB  or  Kindle Fire 7″ HDX 32 GB


kindle touch with text to speech




Certified Refurbished Kindle Touch

Yep, that’s about it.  Amazon used to have Text to Speech on all their Paper White models, which I really liked but for some reason they took it off and now it’s only on the Kindle Fire…grrrrrr!!

Of course, I would really like it if Amazon made a phone-sized Kindle with Text to Speech…then I’d really be running marathons.  YOUR HEAR ME AMAZON??!!!  You make a smaller kindle WITH Text to Speech and I will be FIRST in line to buy it!!!

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