Ideas to Update Your Tired Dining Room

Dining rooms can sometimes get a rough deal – If you are lucky enough to have one, that is. With the premiums on space these days, specific rooms dedicated to the sole pleasure of dining are often not included in house design; they should therefore be cherished when they are.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love my dining room. It’s just that sometimes it gets a little neglected. However, I have resolved to change matters and re-vamp it with a few simple interior makeover ideas. Why not take a look and see how you can adapt some of these tips to your dining room?

First of all, take a long hard look at what you’ve already got. Take into consideration dimensions, light levels, floor and wall coverings, furniture, window treatments, storage and practicalities. If the room is looking small and cramped replace any dark wall coverings with light reflecting pale materials – this instantly creates the illusion of spaciousness. Ditch any large, heavy furniture that crowds the space and find somewhere else for it. If your budget allows, take a look at the huge variety of dining table sets that are available to buy. Whether it is a large formal table and chairs you need or a compact, contemporary set-up, there is plenty of choice out there.

If replacing the furniture is impractical, give the existing pieces a facelift. A pale whitewash on wooden chairs and some bright new seat cushions re-energizes a room in an instant. The chunky old dresser could be given a totally new look with the addition of different handles and a lick of paint. I recently swapped some tired old drapes for new sleek blinds and was amazed at the transformation.

painted dining room chairs

Remember that the dining room is a place for entertaining, so stamp your personality on it. Include interesting accessories such as unusual wall art, vintage finds or ornaments, and give the room focus points. Lift it out of the bland-camp with the opulent pairing of a large gilt framed mirror and crystal chandelier, adding a real sense of occasion to the room. This needn’t blow the budget – I always keep my eyes open at yard sales for old mirrors and chandeliers that can be re-purposed with a little imagination. It’s surprising what other people consider to be trash!

Don’t have the time/energy/budget for a complete new decorative scheme? Just restrict yourself to one feature wall. Consider a vibrant paint color or dramatic wallpaper for maximum impact. Or what about arranging a collection on a wall? Hang up a pretty spread of vintage porcelain plates in a pleasing way, and the dining space earns instant cool points.

Floor coverings in foodie areas need to be well thought out. Whether the dining room is a formal affair or a casual family drop-in zone, it is guaranteed that some food will make its way onto the floor. The phrases wipe clean and stain resistant should be foremost in your mind when selecting floor coverings. Wooden floors with removable scatter rugs are a good compromise and can look stunning.

I no longer have any excuses for neglecting my long-suffering dining room. Using these few simple ideas I am going to create a fun space where my family and friends can take pleasure in good food and great company in wonderful surroundings. Now where did I put my paintbrush?

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