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“Me and Mr Kenz (His man-name is Aaron), have a dusty blue house in the greater Salt Lake area.  It’s a 1980′s Rambler.  She was dubbed Green Meadow Manor.  GMM for short.   GMM was never able to ditch her acid-washed jeans and crimped hair, and by that I mean:  Her style got stuck in the 80′s.  Most people were too embarrassed to be GMM’s friend, but we knew under those acid-washed jeans there lied something stunning.”

Blog: Interiors by Kenz

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BEDROOM PAINT IDEAS- Have no money to decorate?  Paint your headboard on the wall instead of buying new furniture
LIVING ROOM DECORATING IDEAS – Decorating with what you got

Latest Posts:

  • Contributor Post – Floral Gallery Wall April 2, 2015
    I’ve got a new post up at All Things Thrifty today.  I’m showing off the next installment of the nursery over there.  There are also free downloads too!
  • Pineapple Sorbet Wallpaper Nursery (Hygge & West-Rifle Paper Co) March 26, 2015
    Part One: The Why As a child I have a very vivid memory of what our house looked like.  Wallpaper in every room.  Wallpaper in the family room (cream with forest green grid on top).  Wallpaper in the …
  • How To Paint A Scalloped Wall Border February 10, 2015
    Hey pals.  Long time no blog, amirite?  I’ve just been busy selling houses and growing human parts in my belly.  I’ve got a nursery design ready to execute for this Tiny girl.  (I capitalize Tiny beca …
  • Navy, Gold, and White Master Bedroom January 6, 2015
    If you recall, we don’t have a headboard.  At our old house, we painted one on the wall.  Also, a little known fact, we were borrowing our bedroom furniture (night stands and dresser) from my seester. …
  • DIY New Year’s Eve Party Decoration: MARQUEE December 23, 2014
    You guys HAVE to check out my contributor post on All Things Thrifty today! I made this out of a piece of a cardboard box, wrapping paper tubes, and Christmas lights.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I …
  • Easy Gift Idea – Pizza Lover Tote December 8, 2014
    I think it’s a safe assumption that everyone has a pizza lover in their life. I know I do!  My bae Heidi loves pizza more than any person in this world.  I asked her for her favorite pizza quote, and …
  • DIY Ho Ho Ho Throw Pillows December 5, 2014
    The older I get, the more I realize what an overly-sentimental and nostalgic person I am.  There’s a quote from The Office that goes, “I wish there was a way to tell you’re in the good old days before …
  • Living Room November 20, 2014
    Aaron and I have both fallen down the mid-century modern hole, and it doesn’t look like we’re getting out any time soon.  Something about the simplicity, clean lines, skinny legs, warm wood that makes …
  • Kitchen and Breakfast Nook (and Tom Dixon Copper Chandelier) November 18, 2014
    Moving is so hard.  (Can I get an amen?!)  When you are finally in your new place, you wonder if the boxes of your stuff literally multiplied and replenished your house.  Boxes. For. Days.  And then, …
  • A New Bundle of Bones November 13, 2014
    I realize that it’s not Halloween time anymore.  However, in my defense, we did announce this to our friends and family before Halloween.  But I wasn’t blogging, so you missed out.  UNLESS YOU FOLLOW …

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