Marilyn’s German Smeared Mortar

We have a great guest post from Marilyn today!  Thanks so much for sharing your experience and pictures.  Here is how it went for her:

So, I too was intrigued by changing the brick color of a brick façade on either side of a gas stove in my lake house. I really didn’t like the color of the brick and had seen this “mortar bleed or washing” on a house I had seen driving around town one day.


So, I went searching on the Internet for information. I found several articles and websites (although not as many as I had thought I’d find). I came up with my own “solution” and used thinset mortar that was left over from a floor tile install done several months back. I also purchased another bag at Lowes, but hardly used any of it, as it went a long way. I mixed the solution fairly thin (a little thicker than interior paint) and wiped it on with a large tile sponge. I decided to cut the sponge in half as it was hard to hold without dropping it. That worked much better for me. (I eventually, stopped using the sponge and put the mortar on by hand (with gloves on!).



I let the mortar mix sit on the bricks for about 15 minutes, then took another tile sponge (one that had a scouring side and used that side to wipe off some of the mortar. I did use vinegar spray the next day and where I needed more brick to show, I sprayed it on, let it sit and used the scouring side of the sponge, burlap and at times sanding paper.  I also wore gloves as mortar is like cement and will tear up your skin.smeared-mortar-fireplace-after-lots-of-coverage

I went back and took more off after a week as it just looked too white to me!




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One thought on “Marilyn’s German Smeared Mortar

  1. Carolyn George says:

    Hi I love the German smear look but didn’t realize it could be done in other colors. I
    was thinking slightly off White. It was done on a TV show called Fixer Upper. As I
    recall it wasn’t as heavy white,
    You said you were doing research. I love to hear any ideas you might find.

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