Staging a Home

11 - Example Staged home - Master Bedroom I’m kind of a freak when it comes to staging a home to sell.  In fact, staging the home to sell is on my mind  as soon as we buy the house and we know that we don’t plan to spend a long time there before we sell.  If we paint, I only choose colors […] Continue reading →

Tips for Easy DIY Chair Makeovers

DIY-Chair-Makeover Is your home littered with chairs that have been in the family for decades, or thrift store seats that look worn out but were too good a deal to pass up? Luckily, chairs that are an eyesore are a relatively easy problem to remedy. You can either apply a few easy hacks to spruce up […] Continue reading →

DIY Fireplace Decor Tips

diy fireplace decor - candle holders made from cans The same way decorating a home can be intimidating, redesigning a fireplace can be overwhelming, especially for first timers. While a fresh coat of paint can correct a lot of imperfections on your walls, having the right finish at the fireplace is the key to bring the WOW factor to the space.  Below are a […] Continue reading →

Decorating with Curtains

moshells curtains Decorating a home for the first time can be intimidating: it seems like there are all these terms you’re expected to know and clever tricks that everyone else is already employing. Window treatments can be especially difficult to get right because there are so many different options. That’s why I’d like to provide a brief […] Continue reading →

Heated Towel Rails – The Lowdown

heated towel rack Bathrooms are places of great relaxation and enjoyment – think of that invigorating shower first thing in the morning, or unwinding at length in a deep, warm bath. There’s that operative word: warm. Anyone who has dipped out of either of these events into a bathroom that appears to have relocated to the Arctic Circle […] Continue reading →

How to get Motivated

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Okay, gals and guys, let’s take about something important.  If you are anything like me, I know a lot of you probably spending a lot of time drooling over other people’s’ DIY projects wishing that is what your house looks like.  However, if your house doesn’t look like that then you probably are lacking one […] Continue reading →

Turnabout Ranch

turnabout ranch abuse1 There can’t be too many things more heart breaking to a parent than seeing a son or daughter going down the wrong path.  Teens can get caught up in trying to stay “cool” in the eyes of their friends,  causing them act in ways they wouldn’t act on their own and  do things they feel […] Continue reading →