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“From a very young age, I have always loved decorating whatever space I happen to be in.  When I was 10 I remember spending hours alone in my room I shared with my siblings making beds-yes, making beds and liking it, decorating walls, moving furniture around.  I loved it then…and I still love it.  Over the years I decorated our first apartment, our first home, our second home, etc.  I must say…the home that we live in now has been the most rewarding project thus far and I am here to share it and all of the affordable, easy, sometimes crazy ideas!  It brings me complete joy sharing these ideas that it took me years to create.”

Blog: Red Head Can Decorate

Check out a sample of Red Head Can Decorate’s Work:

KITCHEN REMODEL IDEAS – Beautiful Traditional Kitchen Remodel
BATHROOM REMODEL IDEAS – With beautiful 2-inch Corian Countertops

Latest Posts:

  • Redhead’s Home Tour 2017 August 18, 2017
    Well guys, it’s taken us about 9 years to get our dated Michigan home to a point where we are either ready to sell it, or stay here forever. To be honest with you, we have been searching for land to b …
  • Door Knob Hooks August 10, 2017
    I’ve been hooked on “Door Knob Hooks” (especially the glass ones) since the very first time I saw them.  They are just so cute, and versatile.  Do you know the ones I’m referring to?  They look like l …
  • Tea Cup Cat Food Bowl August 9, 2017
    About 5 years ago we lost our yellow lab, “Dude” to a sudden heart attack.  It was one of the worst days of our lives.  He was healthy and we were in pure shock.  After about 2 weeks of mourning and a …
  • Black & Gold Bathroom August 4, 2017
    Welcome to our “Black & Gold Bathroom” makeover.  Sit back and enjoy the stroll through memory lane before I share the final reveal.  I am very pleased with the chic new look, and I hope you are, …
  • Cool Gardening Ideas August 2, 2017
    The DIY Housewives went into the garden and they came out looking pretty darn cool.  Now I’m not referring to their make-up or their outfits 😆 .  I’m referring to their “Cool Gardening Ideas”. I don’t …
  • Wooden Salad Serving Set Makeover July 28, 2017
    My husband bought me this beautiful wooden salad serving set from Pottery Barn many years ago for Christmas.  They came with a beautiful big wooden salad bowl, but I will get to that later.  First, le …
  • Top 10 Repurposed Projects July 25, 2017
    Nothing brings me greater joy & peace in the decorating world than repurposing does.  First, the thrill of the hunt for something thrifty (sometimes I like to search my basement or closets first). …

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2 thoughts on “Red Head Can Decorate

  1. lovely pictures. i love all pic.

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  2. No doubt kitchen is the most important area of every home and when ever guests and relatives visit the home they love to look in to the kitchen first. Awesome ideas, thank You for sharing.

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