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“I’m Wendy Hyde.  I started writing this blog as a creative outlet. And now The Shabby Nest has evolved into my very own little corner of the blogosphere where I share my love of home decor,  and DIY projects, with entertaining and a little bit of style thrown in for good measure.  This year The Shabby Nest was chosen by Country Living Magazine as the Best Decorating Blog of 2011 in their first annual Blue Ribbon Blogger Awards.   One of my readers once told me that I have an eye for pretty. I like to believe that is true and I love to share with my readers how they can make their homes a haven without breaking the bank!”

Blog: Shabby Nest

Check out a sample of Shabby Nest’s Work:

DECORATING IDEAS FOR LIVING ROOMS – Lighting and freshening up the living room
GIRLS BEDROOM IDEAS – Clean and simple girly room

Latest Posts:

  • Christmas House Tour 2017 November 28, 2017
    Welcome to The Shabby Nest I'm so excited to have you here for this year's Christmas House Tour!For the past several years, I have been honored to take part in the Holiday House Walk hosted …
  • Motivation Monday November 26, 2017
    Hello Lovelies,Today I want to follow up on my 30 day challenge.  In a nutshell, for those of you who don't want to click through and read the post (although I would totally recommend it)  I shar …
  • What I Wore November 26, 2017
    Hello Lovelies,This is the last week of my self-wardrobe evaluation mirror selfies.   Lol!  And I actually forgot to document a couple of my outfits…but here are the remaining four for last week.Fir …
  • What I Wore Wednesday November 26, 2017
    Hello Lovelies!I'm back with another edition of What I Wore Wednesday.Fall is finally making an appearance around these parts and I couldn't be more excited!Fall and Winter clothing have alw …
  • Motivation Monday: Getting Stuck in Planning Mode November 26, 2017
    Hello Lovelies,Are you a goal setter?As I have been working on goals for my "Year of Transformation", I've noticed something.There is an insidious little behavior that tricks us into th …
  • What I Wore Wednesday August 30, 2017
    Hello Lovelies!Welcome to this week's edition of What I Wore Wednesday!As I mentioned in last week's post, I'm in the middle of doing an "inventory" of my wardrobe.To accompli …
  • What I Wore Wednesday August 23, 2017
    Hello Lovelies!This week's What I Wore Wednesday is going to be a little bit different.I have been taking inventory of what I wear on a daily basis because I am evaluating my own wardrobe and sty …
  • What I Wore Wednesday August 16, 2017
    Hello Lovelies!Welcome to this week's What I Wore Wednesday.This pretty rayon and lace top looks very elegant paired with a pair of dark wash jeans.Top: Brass & Roe     Jeans: Old Navy    Sho …
  • Motivation Monday: Contentment August 14, 2017
    Hello Lovelies!Welcome to another Motivation Monday.This weekend I was thinking quite a bit about how things always seem to go better when I am content.  What do I mean by that?For those of you who fo …
  • What I Wore Wednesday August 9, 2017
    Hello Lovelies!Welcome to another edition of What I Wore Wednesday!My body type is what is known as a Rectangle.  Basically, that means that I don't have much – if any –  curve to my shape.  My c …
  • Motivation Monday August 7, 2017
     For today's Motivation Monday post, I'm going to focus on something a little different.I've been talking recently about how this year (my 45th year) is a year of transformation for me. …
  • What I Wore Wednesday August 2, 2017
    Hello Lovelies!Welcome to another edition of What I Wore Wednesday!Let's start things off with this cute tunic with keyhole neck purchased at Hope Ave.  I purchased the top last spring and it doe …
  • Motivation Monday – Monthly Challenge Check In July 31, 2017
    Hello Lovelies!First of all, I decided to change the name of Monday's posts from Master Class Monday to Motivation Monday.  It just sounds more, hmmm, I don't know…more…motivating?  Lol! …
  • What I Wore Wednesday July 26, 2017
    Welcome to this week's edition of What I Wore Wednesday.Tuesday's Outfit:Blouse:  from Ella Mara gifted to me by my sisterJeans:  from Gap Outlet (last year)Shoes:  from GroopdealzFor A Frid …
  • Master Class Monday: This Month's Exercise Challenge July 24, 2017
    Hello Lovelies!I'm so glad you've joined me today.  In keeping with my "Year of Transformation" theme, I've decided to make my posts on Monday into master classes.  By that I …

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  1. A idol home decor.

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