Sneak Peak – Mission Style Cement Tile Backsplash

Soooooo…. I fell in love with cement tile back splashes.  I was looking for something different and unique, since we don’t ever plan to move from this house.

So I found the cheapest tile that was close to the look I wanted and didn’t realize that it would take 3 months to get them.  So to close on our house and get the certificate of occupancy we had to put up some sheet metal behind the stove, which is real attractive.

But the good news is, my tile has FINALLY arrived.  I guess I shouldn’t complain because these tiles are handmade when you order them.  I was dying to get them put up over the weekend but we have a tiny problem that I’m waiting on.  Our stove has to be slid out slightly because these tiles are THICK and that wouldn’t be hard to do except our gas line it right up a 2 by 4 brace and it won’t slide out without shortening the brace.  So we are waiting on our builder to send someone over to fix it.

Our builder would have put in a tile back splash for $600 with $6 per square foot allowed for tile, but since the tiles I really like where well over $6 a square foot, I decided to do it myself.  Back splashes are the easiest thing to tile, so if you are thinking about doing some tiling for the first time, it’s a great place to start

Anyway, I thought I’d give you a sneak peak at what our tile it going to look like.   Ready??!!!

zebra cement tile backsplash - sneak peak


Ta Da!  It’s called Mission Zebra Cement Tile

They are gray and white, with variations in color, which is to be expected.  I thought it’d go really well with my counter tops:

zebra cement tile

I did have some doubts about choosing cement tile for a back splash.  They might end up being higher maintenance since they have to be sealed to avoid staining.  I guess I will find out.  Plus I had planned on saving money by doing the back splash myself but I ended up paying the same amount of money, it’s just all of it went into the cost of the tile and not into labor.  If you are choosing tile for a project, here is an excellent guide to help you get started on choosing the right tile for the project:  Drury Design Interior Design Tile Guide 

And also, I might add, if you are choosing tile for a floor make sure you think about the slipperiness when wet.  We had some friends that didn’t think about this and it was like skating on ice when the floor was wet, which happens often if you have kids…..

Stay tuned for the tile back splash installation….

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