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“We’re the ones who constantly wear paint stains on our clothes. And sometimes, in our hair. We began our adventure together as college sweethearts, and after a decade of marriage, 3 offspring, and a mortgage later, it’s like we woke up one morning, in the tropics of Alabama still covered in sawdust when the realization hit us:  This is our life.”

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DINING ROOM DECORATING IDEAS – Dining Room with Tons of Personality

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  • a tale of two windows: old and new combined October 28, 2016
    window world windows The post a tale of two windows: old and new combined appeared first on the handmade home.         Related Storiesit’s all in the detailsugly cries, chicken biscuits and septic adv …
  • a master bath redo October 27, 2016
    master bath redo inspiration The post a master bath redo appeared first on the handmade home.         Related Storiesswanky sophisticated : master bedroom inspirationthe high functioning man cavemaste …
  • it’s all in the details October 25, 2016
    It’s to the point where it’s all in the details. The trim. The electrician polishing up a few things. HVAC had to do so much work on this house, it should be brand new when they’re all said and done… …
  • things I’m too old for this halloween {ghosts of halloweens past} October 24, 2016
      Things I'm too old for this Halloween. And the ghosts of Halloweens past. The post things I’m too old for this halloween {ghosts of halloweens past} appeared first on the handmade home.         …
  • handmade savvy saturday October 22, 2016
    Happy Handmade Savvy Saturday! This week, we: • Shared how to make marbleized coasters • An update upstairs: We. Have. Toilets. • A little about Swiffer in NYC • Swanky Sophisticated: Master Bedroom I …
  • ugly cries, chicken biscuits and septic advice October 21, 2016
    I was going to prepare a post for today. I mean, I kind of did. But after hustling for so long, I’ve fallen on my face. It’s been one of those weeks where I literally screamed out loud in the car, and …
  • swanky sophisticated : master bedroom inspiration October 20, 2016
    When Hannah sent in her bedroom for a bit of a master bedroom revamp, we were more than happy to put our heads together for some awesome ideas to help freshen up the space.  Hannah wanted to lighten a …
  • swiffer in NYC October 19, 2016
    If you guys remember about a month a go, we took off, and had a blast in NYC. At least, when we finally met up with the wonderful people at Swiffer, we did. ;} It was quite the adventure, either way. …
  • we. have. toilets. October 18, 2016
    We. Have. Toilets. Yes we do. We want to love them and hug them and snuggle them and never leave them. Ever. I’m basically giving them names and adopting them into our family because NO MORE PORTA POT …
  • how to make marbleized coasters October 17, 2016
    What do you get when you combine… Our marbleized jewelry for kids… This simple coaster project… and our hexagon magnets? Marbelized hexacoasters, of course. Okay fine. Maybe it was a stretch. And a li …

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