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“We’re the ones who constantly wear paint stains on our clothes. And sometimes, in our hair. We began our adventure together as college sweethearts, and after a decade of marriage, 3 offspring, and a mortgage later, it’s like we woke up one morning, in the tropics of Alabama still covered in sawdust when the realization hit us:  This is our life.”

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DINING ROOM DECORATING IDEAS – Dining Room with Tons of Personality

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  • sweet alabama home – a country living feature November 25, 2015
    We were honored to be featured in an article last week, when the sweet people from Country Living did a little write up on our home.  Okay. You’re probably all, “Good story, bro.” Of …
  • advent calendars November 24, 2015
    So we have this little tradition that we’ve used over the years in our home Don’t ask me how… it just did. Somehow, we had one that we use in the mornings during school… And an …
  • mini handmade bucket candles November 23, 2015
    Have you heard yet? Our friend Laura from Finding Farms wrote a book. And not just any book. It’s a clever little DIY book – Rustic Modern Metal Crafts. I’ll be honest – it …
  • handmade savvy saturday November 21, 2015
    Hello to all of our favorite people! It’s been a week! And it’s been so crazy around here with the approaching Thanksgiving Holidays and all that fun stuff, that we kinda dropped the ball …
  • living room design with early american inspiration November 20, 2015
    When this sweet couple wrote in for a little update of their home, we were more than happy to oblige. They own a beautiful house located in Ohio, which was fairly new, but built to reflect classic Ear …
  • a curriculum review November 18, 2015
    Hello fellow homeschoolers! Or may-homeschoolers! And non-homeschoolers, too! After that greeting, I feel like this: {I need you to refresh the video below if it’s not loading and there’s …
  • gift ideas for kids November 17, 2015
    We’re excited to be back today to have a little round up of sorts… It’s almost gift giving season and we’re gearing up for the holidays with some of our own favorite ideas to s …
  • our favorite thanksgiving activities for kids November 16, 2015
    So every year, we mix it up a bit, but every year we love doing something different with our kids in the realm of thankfulness for Thanksgiving. We’re Thanksgiving purists {I know. Boo hiss. Get …
  • seven super simple soups November 13, 2015
    Tis the season for soups! Seven super simple soups! Say it seven times super fast! SO super special! Clearly, we are forever humored by ourselves. We love them so much, it’s to the point where w …
  • life tuths according to rigby & fitz : sibling rivalries November 12, 2015
    Hello. And welcome to another installation of ouw favowite thing on this websites: Life truths according to Rigby & Fitz. I mean there’s like other gweat things on this websites, but this o …

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