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“We’re the ones who constantly wear paint stains on our clothes. And sometimes, in our hair. We began our adventure together as college sweethearts, and after a decade of marriage, 3 offspring, and a mortgage later, it’s like we woke up one morning, in the tropics of Alabama still covered in sawdust when the realization hit us:  This is our life.”

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DINING ROOM DECORATING IDEAS – Dining Room with Tons of Personality

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  • easy ways to add curb appeal March 4, 2015
    That time our house was still UPS brown on the front… and sides. More head hanging shame. Plus a few of our favorite ways to bring easy curb appeal to your more The post easy ways to add c …
  • living room design ideas March 3, 2015
    A few ideas for a local client, with inspiring pieces for a fresh lease on life in a living more The post living room design ideas appeared first on the handmade home.
  • purging the kids closets March 2, 2015
    Maybe it's just me, but for us, their baby years were kind of a living-in-a-blur phase. And when we finally were able to come out of that haze-of-denial, because somethings-gotta-give a few years …
  • handmade savvy sunday March 1, 2015
    Happy Handmade Savvy Sunday, y'all! Here's a few of our faves from the www this week!read more The post handmade savvy sunday appeared first on the handmade home.
  • anatomy of the well-styled shelf February 27, 2015
    There are no rules, but there are basic principles and time tested applications as to why some things work, and some things don't. Breaking it down: A look at a simple 30 minute project to add so …
  • death by minivan February 26, 2015
    I'm here before you with sweaty palms and a lowered head while I move my feet awkwardly in a way likened to that of a three year old. Who just broke your favorite vase handed down through generat …
  • easy privacy for an outdoor space February 24, 2015
    Sharing a great, easy idea for instant privacy in that outdoor space, that brings a lot of fun character as well. And a sneak peek at our glampy cabana. Even though I keep telling Ashley not to say th …
  • purging the closet February 23, 2015
    If something didn't have a home, into our closet it would go. If someone was coming over, into the closet it would go. If a child was screaming, into the closet they would go. So that you don …
  • outdoor projects to try this spring February 20, 2015
    A few outdoor projects to try this spring if you're feeling restless like us. Silly groundhog. We don't care what you say. Bring on the warm weather!read more The post outdoor projects to tr …
  • homemade dog treats February 19, 2015
    She had me at please. Granted, she was giving me the big blinking eyes and cheesy pouty lip face with the gigantic dramatic drawl of the word which almost canceled her out, but Ashley still had me at …

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