Tips for Painting Casement Windows

We know that taking care of a home means hard work and lots of effort (physical and financial), but we also know it is worth it. The satisfaction of having a beautiful house that offers you and your family a safe and comfy environment is beyond any financial reward.

Today we are going to talk about casement windows and how you can make them look new again with just a simple painting job. It’s a fun DIY project that won’t break the budget and will make your home look better on both the outside and the inside. Even better, wooden frames need special attention and painting them prolongs their life with a few years at least. This way, you won’t just enhance your home’s general design and aspect you will also keep the windows in a prime state of functioning.

painting windows


Choose your brushes wisely

The secret to a good painting job lies in the type of brush you use. For instance, you will need a tapered sash brush for the frame to make sure the painting goes as smooth as possible. For corners, it’s recommended to use and angled sash brush. In both cases make sure to not overload the brush with paint. A thick layer of paint in one single round of painting is never a good idea as it will take more time to dry.

Also, it’s a good idea to let the paint reach the glass area. Even though it may look messy, this creates a seal between the frame and the glass which will not allow humidity to get under the paint and make it peel. Once you finish with the brush you only have to remove the paint from the glass and you’re done!

Take care at the structure

Casement windows are a bit more difficult to paint as their structure is a bit more complicated. Even more, many are protected with weather stripping which makes the job even more interesting. If you installed soundproof windows, then make sure you don’t cover any safety elements with the paint.

In order to be effective, windows that isolate the outside noise must close perfectly and a thicker layer of paint may disturb this. Make sure you get in touch with the producer or read the maintenance manual you received with the windows. However, the first step would be to make sure that this type of windows need painting. Modern windows are designed to resist to the elements and still look great for a long time.

Applying the paint

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your interior aspect, especially if you have a small home. Of course, there are other ways to create more space, but for now let’s focus on the windows. To properly paint a casement window, you will have to push down the arm in order to pop the window free. This way you’ll be able to move it back and forth in order to have access to all the surfaces that need to be painted.

One piece of advice: do not close the window tightly until the paint is completely dried! If they are painted shut it’s very difficult to free them.

As you can see, painting a casement window is not that difficult and, with a bit of patience and the right tools, anything is possible.

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One thought on “Tips for Painting Casement Windows

  1. You are so right a fresh coat of paint not only does wonders for your interior but it is also one of the cheapest ways to add more beauty and value to your home. Who likes to look at dull faded walls.Take a weekend and head to the paint store pick up some paint and get the whole family involved in the makeover and with a little effort and team work by Monday morning you will have added a new look and feel to your space

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