Top 5 tips on how to save space in your home

If you have a smaller home, or limited space because of all the belongings you have purchased over the years, the right space saving tips will truly pay off. With these top 5 tips on how to save space in your home, not only can you fit everything in, you can eliminate the appearance of the home being cluttered as well.

1. Conceal it –
Have kids in the home? Why not use a concealed changing table built into the wall? You can extend this idea in the bedroom with a Murphy bed, allowing you to use a guest room and double it up as an office. When not in use, these items will simply fold away, and won’t take up any space.

2. Functional pieces –
For a kids room, why not buy functional furniture? Built in drawers below the bed, or a bunk bed desk are great options. If you have a coffee table in the living room, it can double up as a storage nook. A few simple ideas which will clear up space, and allow you to keep different areas of the home clean.


functional storage furniture


3. Recessed pantry –
Tight kitchen? A recessed pantry gives you space for a microwave oven, for snacks, or storage bins. If you need it in the kitchen, this built in piece fits into your wall, so it won’t take up precious space, if you are already limited in the amount you have to work with.

4. Go sporty –
If you have kids at home, why not buy a locker storage system? You can use this as a second closet space, and it can also store toys, clothing, shoes, and other items which are thrown all over their room. Not only will it give you more storage space, it will help eliminate the mess in the room as well.

5. Customize the closet space –
Custom closets with sliding drawers, with hidden storage centers, or stacked hanging spaces for your clothing, are always welcome in any home. And, when the space is limited, hiring the right closet organizer to help build a custom piece, will not only give you more storage for your wardrobe, it will help eliminate clutter and having items thrown all over your bedroom.

Sure, you have limited space or a smaller home which is over-crowded. These simple ideas are a quick fix to the problem, and they are going to help you organize any space in the home which is currently disordered chaos.

If you still can’t solve the problem, take a look at storage facilities near you. Many of them have quite reasonable rates and will give you access to your belongings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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