Top Kitchen Trends 2015 and My Kitchen Choices

We’ve been touring a lot of new houses and talking to a big kitchen company around here and have definitely noticed some trends when it comes to the kitchen.  Some of which we will be putting in our kitchen…hey before you start thinking too hard, I loved all these things BEFORE I noticed they were big trends.

Trend #1 ISLANDS

Every high-end home we’ve toured that has been built in the last year has HUGE islands like the one below opened up to the living/family room with large breakfast nooks.

large kitchen island

This is a kitchen in a house around where we live.

We plan to do this same thing although our island will be configured something like this (well at least I hope this is what it ends up looking like, you never know when you are just looking at a set of plans).

Kharmont Design and Build -kitchen island with seating

This is a kitchen by Kharmont Design and Build in Ottawa, ON, Canada

Trend #2 GRAY kitchen cabinets!!  Yay!

I love gray and have been trying to get it in my house for years now.  Up until now, I’ve only been able to put it on the walls but I’m super excited to put it on the kitchen cabinets.  According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, gray kitchen cabinets have dramatically increased since 2010 with it currently being used in 55% of kitchens.  The kitchen company that I’ve been talking to has confirmed this, saying that their gray stained cabinets are their #1 seller.

LOVE this kitchen and it’s the inspiration for our new kitchen (although I don’t know if our kitchen will even come close to looking so nice):

gray stained cabinets


Although, I’ve noticed other colors trends going into the kitchen cabinets besides gray.  One that I’ve seen quite a lot of is blue, which I love.  If I couldn’t do gray, I’d definitely do this:

blue kitchen island

Blue is great in the kitchen. Although I’ve seen all blue cabinets, it doesn’t look nearly as nice as it does when it’s done in small doses, like this blue island by an Ottawa general contracting company.  It looks great with the white cabinets.

Another new color I’ve seen and love is khaki or Greige (gray and beige) as some people are calling it, like these Kraftmaid cabinets:

khaki cabinets

Of course, once you decide what color you want to go with, then you need to decide where to put the color.  Here is a kitchen in a house around here that is using the same gray cabinets that we are going to use in our house.  They are using it for all the cabinets:

all gray kitchen

I personally like it a lot better when 2 different colors are used.  We are planning on using gray for the base cabinets (except the island) and for the refrigerator and oven cabinets.  White will be used for the upper cabinets and island cabinets.  I really debated on doing it this way.  Most of the time you see white on all the cabinets except the island.  However, we had all white cabinets in our last house and the cabinets around the stove and sink/dishwasher needed to be cleaned every day.  That is just TOO much maintenance for me.  Every time I walked into the kitchen, the dirty cabinets screamed at me and stressed me out!

So while I LOVE how bright and airy an all white kitchen is, I just can’t do that again.  My compromise is to put the cabinets that will hide the dirt a little better….EMBRACE THE DIRT…. in the dirty areas and I’m putting white in the areas that don’t get as dirty.  I’m hoping that it doesn’t end up looking funny since I haven’t been able to find a picture like it……

Well we’ll see, hopefully you won’t be learning from my mistake!

Trend #3 Quartz

While granite is still the #1 counter top choice in kitchens, quartz comes in at a very close second.  I have to admit, I haven’t seen a lot of quartz around here.  My first choice for kitchen counter tops would be Carrara marble….in fact that is the whole reason I wanted to do gray cabinets because I wanted to match the gray veining in the Carrara.  But, alas, you know my issues with high maintenance…yep, that’s right, it strikes again.  So I was very pleasantly surprised to see that there is some granite that can still give me the feel of Carrara marble but a lot more durable.

So if you are looking for granite to match gray cabinets, here are some choices for you.

This is Moon Night granite and the rough estimate we got for our kitchen is $4742 (Our kitchen is 14 by 16 with a 4 by 6 island.  I’m not sure the square footage yet but I’ll be putting that in a post about our kitchen when we start getting more details.  ):

moon night granite

Glacier White BG Granite ($3134):

Glacier White BG granite

Andromeda White Granite ($4497):

Andr0meda White Granite

Bianco Antico Granite ($5044):

Bianco Antico

Blanco Portiguar Granite ($5068):

Blanco Portiguar

Trend #4 MATTE or HONED finishes

Okay, so I haven’t seen Honed granite around here too much but all the hardwood floors are a matte finish these days.  Some floors I saw were so matte that I couldn’t even tell if they had been finished or not.  I think it’s just a matter of time before Honed granite comes to this area.  We are definitely going to help it get going because I ask a granite fabricator and he said it would cost around $200 to hone the granite we’d be using in our kitchen!

So what kitchen trends have you noticed?  What’s your favorite kitchen cabinet color?

and while you’re at it, tell me your favorite wood floor color b/c that decision seems to be the one I’m struggling with by FAR!!  I would LOVE to put in a wide plank pine with lots of knots…but you know…high maintenance….ugh!

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