Turnabout Ranch

There can’t be too many things more heart breaking to a parent than seeing a son or daughter going down the wrong path.  Teens can get caught up in trying to stay “cool” in the eyes of their friends,  causing them act in ways they wouldn’t act on their own and  do things they feel they shouldn’t do.   Some teens have suffered abuse and other unfortunate  events but they don’t have the tools and knowledge to overcome those experiences to be able to move on and have a happier life.

For some teens, completely removing them from their current environment and stimuli is the only way to reach them and teach them so they can turn their lives around.  For those parents, the Turnabout Ranch offers the perfect solution for their struggling teens.

The Turnabout Ranch is not only a fully accredited high school but a real working cattle ranch where teens can go and learn important values and skills – like teamwork, respect, honesty, personal accountability, effective communication, hard work and self motivation.

turnabout ranch abuse1

Teens get to break free from peer pressure, technology, and harmful relationships and get back to the basics with hard work and the responsibility of running a cattle ranch.  They are surrounded by compassionate  teachers and counselors that can focus fully on them without outside distractions and teach them the skills they need for dealing with their problems.  The Turnabout Ranch Abuse and troubled teen programs includes using Equine Therapy.  What a great way for kids to learn responsibility and compassion by caring for and taking care of the needs of another living being.

I totally agree with their approach.  In our own family, we felt the same need with our young kids on a smaller scale.  We’ve spent 1 year selling our house, 6 months looking for a place we can build and now another 6 months to build, all so that we can have room to have a garden and chickens to get our kids out of the house and away from the technology and teach them the responsibility and the satisfaction that comes with hard work.

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