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“I’m Erin, your hostess here at Two Story Cottage. Thanks for stopping by & it’s a pleasure to meet you!  Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we?  I have an affinity for catalogs  but my first loves are my college sweetheart, and the two little people that we call ours.  A designer wannabe, I lack expertise but am a crockpot of potential.  I’ve had a lot of practice as we are on residence number four in almost a decade of marriage.  We’ve climbed the property ladder one house at a time and have finally left cookie cutter behind.  Our new place is dream home material so we are hoping to put down roots.”

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DINING ROOM DECORATING IDEAS – Beautiful dining room with wallpaper on the ceiling
KITCHEN DECORATING IDEAS – Get the cottage look with striped wallpaper on the ceiling

Latest Posts:

  • Half of a Dining Room September 12, 2014
    Dear Friends, Last week I showed you our updated china cabinet but kept most of the dining room under wraps.  Sneaky, sneaky but I wasn’t ready for a shot of the whole thing yet.  I’m stil …
  • Breakfast Space Beginnings September 8, 2014
    Dear Friends, The breakfast space is in progress and I’ve got some things to consider.  I know all of you in blogland are full of opinions so feel free to jump in with your thoughts.   As I said …
  • China Cabinet Project + Dining Room Lighting September 2, 2014
    Dear Friends, I’m not going to be hanging any wallpaper on the ceiling in this house for now, but I still wanted to have some fun with my favorite decorating tool. The china cabinet is front and …
  • Talking Bathroom Mirror Options August 28, 2014
    Dear Friends, My hair grew to hippie length this summer.  Maybe it is because I was lacking a bathroom mirror?  We’ll blame it on that and not my complete and total lack of hair care.  (I’ …
  • School Daze + Chalk Art August 25, 2014
    Dear Friends, It’s that time again.  The school year is ready to mow us down like a big yellow bus.  Unlike years past, we were actually ready this year.  Practically playing chicken, waiting fo …
  • Family Room Beginnings August 21, 2014
    Dear Friends, I want to introduce you to part of the family room but first we have to start in the dining room. It turns out there wasn’t room in the new house for all of our dining furniture du …
  • City House: Lacey’s Room August 19, 2014
    Dear Friends, I wanted to start the week off with a bang!  Home decor posts have been nonexistent since we moved.  I’m more than ready to share what we have been doing around here.  Thankfully, …
  • Beach House Cottage Part II August 14, 2014
    Dear Friends, Here it is Thursday and I’m still daydreaming about last week’s beach vacation.  You know you had a good time when you  are already thinking about next year.  At least we may …
  • Beach House Cottage Part I August 12, 2014
    Dear Friends, Last week was beach week for us.  We waited all summer to take our vacation but the end result was worth it!  We are usually June beach-goers, but the whole moving thing threw our typica …
  • Space Challenge: The Dining Room August 5, 2014
    Dear Friends, Several years ago, we made a large addition to our family that we have not once regretted.  She is a beautiful baby grand piano that came from Mr. C’s grandmother.  At the time, we …

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