While Wearing Heels

“Adjusting to life since being laid off. When days used to consist of business deals and wearing heels. Now that I am a stay at home mom, in addition to taking care of my adorable little girl, I am learning more about cooking, crafting and creating while realizing that even though I am a stay at home mom, I can still wear my heels!”

Blog: While Wearing Heels

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PANTRY ORGANIZATION – Elegant pantry remodel in a 100-year old home
BATHROOM DECORATING IDEAS – How to update a 100-year old bathroom with a small budget

Latest Posts:

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    I blinked and this sweet girl turned 7.  SEVEN!And, the tradition of taking birthday pictures on our front steps continues (to learn more about this tradition, click here).This year, Grace wanted to h …
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    Christmas cards.  Each year I look forward to checking the mail to see what Christmas cards are waiting to be opened.  I love seeing pictures of friends and family and reading the occasional newslette …
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    'Tis the season to go broke. Falalala la la la.  Well, hopefully that won't happen which is why I try and think of thoughtful yet frugal things to give as gifts.  This was the case when we d …
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    Sometimes, when crafting, you come across the Brangelina of crafts; two crafts from different blogs that seem destined to be made and used together.Last year, we were obsessed with Inspired by Charm …
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    Love it or hate it, the Elf on the Shelf is a common fixture in American homes around the holidays AND, yes, our house is one of them.  Our Elf found himself under our recently made gingerbread house …
  • Something old September 17, 2014
    Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.  Yes, this is a well known wedding tradition BUT why can't it be used as a decorating theme as well.Something old.  In my situ …
  • DIY Mounted Beach Treasures September 15, 2014
    With summer coming to an end, you might be wondering what to do with your summer vacation beach treasures.  Worry no more.  With this easy to follow tutorial you can turn those beach treasures into be …
  • I heart fake food – Felt Sugar Cookie Tutorial September 2, 2014
    Believe it or not, I still heart fake food.  And, sometimes, felt fruits and veggies just aren't enough.  I crave felt sugar too.No fake kitchen is complete without a set of sugar cookies.  With …
  • DIY Garden Trellis August 29, 2014
    A garden trellis, a year in the making.Last year, we bought a few free standing garden trellises in hopes of giving the corner of our yard some charm and create some additional privacy.   Admittedly, …
  • DIY Garden Hose Holder August 27, 2014
    Add some charm to your yard by making your own garden hose holder.  I thought this idea was brilliant when I pinned it almost 2 years ago.  Then, I continued to think this was a brilliant idea when we …
  • First Grade August 25, 2014
    First grade; another baby step in the process of 'letting go'.First grade.  A year of new firsts.  First time going to school ALL DAY long.In kindergarten, Grace only went to school in the m …
  • 'Bear' With Me August 7, 2014
    Bear with me…This momma bear is trying to enjoy the last 14 days of summer before sending her baby bear to school (ALL day!).Enjoy what's left of your summer!
  • A Day at a Butterfly House July 31, 2014
    We finally had an opportunity to visit a butterfly house.  Let me just say, if you haven't been to a butterfly house…stop what you are doing right now and google local butterfly houses.  This i …
  • Fairy Gardens July 30, 2014
    A few weeks ago, a local garden center had a week dedicated to celebrating fairies.  In our household, fairies are celebrated on a daily basis, so this festival was one we fully embraced.  Part of the …
  • Fairy Soup July 28, 2014
    Fairy soup; a perfect interactive summer activity to ignite the imagination and creativity of any lover of fairies. Fairy soup is an unstructured, no rules activity that gives kids the freedom to crea …

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4 thoughts on “While Wearing Heels

  1. Right way for home improvement.

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  2. I love your theme for home improvement. Inspiring post!

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  3. I just wanted to thank you for including a few of my home improvement projects in your home improvement blog directory. I am truly honored…and very much humbled. Thank you so much!

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