Why are carpets becoming more popular for use in bathrooms?

Should I put carpet in my bathroom?

Why are carpets becoming more popular for use in bathrooms?

In recent years the words ‘carpet’ and ‘bathroom’ were highly unlikely to be used in the same sentence. Today, however, the range and scope of carpet types and the huge variety of finishes is highly sophisticated, and many people prefer it to the colder, harder vinyl floorcoverings or tiles usually fitted to bathroom floors. Here is a brief guide to what to look out for if you plan to give your bathroom a makeover and install a carpet.

Where to look for bathroom carpets

It used to be the case that carpets were not waterproofed so if used in the bathroom they were easily damaged, quickly became unsightly and required replacement quite frequently. The good news is that quality wholesale carpet is now available for both residential and commercial use in fabulous colors and styles, and in finishes to suit every room in the house – click here for more details.

Carpets are made from either synthetic fibers or natural fibers, which are derived from animal sources, such as wool, or vegetable sources, such as jute or cotton. The best type for use in a bathroom is that with the fibers packed closely together, producing a finish that is relatively flat rather than fluffy.

Some bathroom carpets have backs that are waterproofed while others have surfaces that are water resistant. For example, vinyl-backed fabric carpet tiles are easy to fit and some are specially treated to protect against odors, bacteria and mold. They are also non-allergenic and will not be harmful to asthma sufferers or people with dust mite allergy – as long as they are cleaned regularly and thoroughly.

Natural fibers

Slightly softer carpets made from wool are becoming increasingly popular and look good in both contemporary and traditional bathrooms. They can be found in a wide variety of colors; paler, muted shades complement bathroom fittings and make the room look bigger.

Jute is a great, hardwearing fabric for bathrooms and is available in some pretty herringbone patterns that are really attractive and enhance a bathroom suite of any kind – also good for use all round the home. Sisal is another favorite with many families because it is extremely hardwearing and anti-static.

Synthetic fibers

The majority of carpets are made from nylon, which is resilient and eminently cleanable. A totally waterproof carpet is perfect for bathrooms, and if it is stain resistant so much the better. Neutral colors will blend well with other, stronger shades, and some people like to use bathroom carpet that is light gray or beige so they can play around with changing wall colors, lighting and accessories whenever they wish.

Economy and versatility

Carpet is a reasonably priced option for flooring, and as the bathroom is not the largest room in the house it is a win-win situation for individuals that enjoy remodeling their rooms every so often as replacing bathroom carpet is generally quite easy on the pocket. Cleaning a bathroom carpet should not be a problem; besides regular vacuuming the occasional steam clean will work wonders.

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